Mobile Parental Controls

What is it?

By Mobile Parental Control, you can set Windows Parental Controls at anywhere, by anytime, via your smart phone!

Please note  that you can update any limit below anywhere, anytime via your smart phones!
  • Set specific log on time limits on your children's computer use. You can set time limits to control when children are allowed to log on the computer. You can set different log on hours for any day with/without occurrence.if they  are logged on when their allotted time ends, they will be automatically logged off.
  • Set specific time duration limits on your children's computer use. You can set time duration limits to control how long time children can use the computer. you can set different durations for any day with/without occurrence. After the time period, they will be automatically logged off.
Mobile Parental Controls includes a smart phone side application and a PC side client application.

Quick Installation:

    1. Phone Side Application:
        1.1 Download the application from your smart phone marketplace.
        1.2 Install it.
        1.3 Sign up a user name (the parent username). How to

    2. PC Side Application:
        2.1 Before you install PC side application, you need to use the Phone Side application to create less than one client computer user account name
              During the PC side application setting, it will try to download the user's setting to confirm the client side settings are correct.
        2.2 Download the PC side application from here.
        2.3 Unzip the downloaded file to a folder.
        2.4 Select the setup.exe file and right click mouse and select "Run as administrator" to install the PC side application.
        2.5 After installed PC side application, it will create "Mobile Parental Control Client"  in desktop, double click the icon. 
        2.6 When first time start PC side application, it will show up a system setting dialog. Please fill in your account and click "OK" to save the setting.
              It will try to connect server and download client user's setting.   
        For more detail about client side application from here.

Quick Start:

    The example scenario: the kid's username(for the PC) is sweet_kid. The purpose is to limit sweet_kid to use the computer ONLY from 1:00PM to 1:59PM, for 30min.

    1. On your phone, create  a schedule for the kid (
 where the username is the username your want to monitor(the kid username), e.g., sweet_kid 
    2. Select the schedule, and create some control rules 
. e.g., sweet_kid can log in by anytime from 1:00PM - 2:00PM, and use 30 min.
        Please note that you can create as many schedules for different usernames as you need.
    3. Please try to use sweet_kid to log in the PC. If the time you tried meet the rules, it will be ok; otherwise, you can not log in. Because it is controlled by your smart phone!

    Mobile Parental Control Client Side Application for Windows 7, here.