MillerWrks offers a broad range of support services and strives to be a one-stop solution for all of your technology and computing needs. We install and troubleshoot desktops, networks, and servers. Other services we offer include security analysis and software training. As a customer of MillerWrks, you’re always only a phone call away from quality technical support. We strive to give a same-day response to requests for on-site services; when an unexpected issue surfaces you can depend on us to help you resolve it quickly and return your systems back to normal. In addition to problem solving and crisis management, we can also help you make sound decisions regarding your technology needs.

Microsoft Server and Windows Peer to Peer Networks

Ø Specialists in the Microsoft Small Business Server Suite

Ø Microsoft Exchange – electronic mail system

Ø Microsoft SQL server – database system

Ø Microsoft ISA server – firewall system

Ø File and print sharing

System Administration

  • Does your business only require a part-time Administrator? Outsource! MillerWrks offers many different ways to assist with the administration of your network:

Ø Documentation of all your network systems

Ø Disaster Recovery/Contingency Planning

Ø Backup solutions

Ø Auditing

o Do you know what network access all of your users have?

o Do you need documentation for inventory & capitol tracking for your systems?

Ø Training – administrators and end-users

Ø Remote management of workstations and servers can save time and money

Network Security

  • Is your Network secure? Let MillerWrks evaluate your systems.

Ø Virus Protection

Ø Proper configuration

Ø Firewalls to prevent unauthorized access from the Internet

Ø Resources secured based upon departmental needs

Remote Network Access

Ø Access your desktop from home

Ø Securely access your business applications from anywhere

Data Consolidation

Ø Centrally manage your files, forms, and templates

Ø Manage and track client correspondence

Ø Share calendars and contacts between employees

Internet Expertise

Ø Company wide Internet access (via a single connection – with a firewall)

Ø Assist in registering domain names and setting up email systems

Ø Internet connectivity for your company

o Virtual Private Networking

o Terminal Services

o DSL/ISDN high speed access


Establishing a presence on the Internet:


Web Hosting
Once you have a design and content for your corporate website, you will also need a hosting service to make the website available to the public. Web hosting is one of the many services MillerWrks is proud to offer to its clients. By hosting your website with MillerWrks, you benefit by having individual attention. Our basic web and e-mail hosting package, includes domain registration.

E-Mail Hosting
MillerWkrs standard hosting package includes access to POP3 e-mail addresses that reflect your business’ personalized domain. This allows your employees to have simple, logical, and memorable e-mail addresses (for example, For clients who would prefer an internal mail server over POP3-style mail, we also offer corporate mail server filtering as an alternative. This allows businesses to maintain an internal mail server without needing to pay the overhead cost associated with spam and virus filtering. Spam and virus filtering services are included with all hosting accounts.

Local Area Networks - wiring and equipment


Desktop Support