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MillerWrks: Specializing in backing up your computer data and reloading your software securely


If you have a computer that’s not that old but keeps running slower than it did when it was new I can probably help you make it work fast again. How my service works:

1. We’ll arrange a time to pickup your computer if you live in the 52722 zip code or we can arrange a time for you to drop it off or you can ship it to me with tracking and insurance.

2. I'll back up any data that you specify or that I can find that you might want put back.

3. Then I'll evaluate whether you need a larger hard drive, more memory or a newer operating system.

4. After that I'll format your hard drive, reload the operating system (Windows 95 / 98 / 98se / ME / NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP with all the latest security patches and software you have licenses for or purchase through me.

5. Then I'll virus scan your data and put it back.

6. Then I'll get your machine back to you.

• House calls if you live in Scott County Iowa for simpler computer problems and user training.

• Installation of home networking solutions. If you have more than one computer in your home I can help you install a router, switch or hub to share the connection, including running cables in the walls if needed.

• Sales of used computers, I have many Compaq Deskpros and Compaq Professional Workstations in stock:
• Pentiums from 200mhz – 866mhz
• Ram from 128mb-1GB
• Hard drives from 4.3gb-18.2gb scsi or 60gb-250gb IDE
• Video cards from 2mb - 32mb
• Home Operating Systems Windows 2000 pro/XP pro or home
• Small Business Operating Systems 2000 Server or SBS/2003 server or SBS

• If I don’t have what you need I can probably locate it for you.

• Consultation to help you pick out a new computer, monitor, printer, or backup power supply. I also sell and install upgrades such as memory, hard drives, rewriteable CD or DVD ROM drives.

• Sale of your old computer.

• Software sales, mostly Microsoft, but other vendors as well.

• Installation of extra cable television jacks, phone jacks.

• Design and build custom wood furniture.

Let me know what you need and I'll tell if I can handle the job.