We also do in small business and home office service.

Laptop/Desktop/Server Repairr

Laptop not charging or won't start Power
Laptop Fan & Key board Repair or Replacement
Laptop or Desktop System Restore
Laptop or Desktop Virus and Spy ware Removal
Laptop or Desktop Blue Screen
New PC Setup and data transfer from old PC

Laptop & Desktop Memory & hard drive upgrade

* Internet Connection Problems
* Fan making loud unusual noise
* Computer will not start (Power Supply dead)
* Motherboard replacement and repairs (Any PC computer)
* Computer won't boot to Windows desktop

Evaluation and Repair ,

* Keyboard Replacement (single key fix)
* Hard drive & RAM replacement (upgrade)
* Motherboard repairs and replacement
* Computer not charging, battery
* Water Damage motherboard repair
* Chipset and Video card problem repair

If You have any other problem please contact by phone or email