Lab Experience

Engineers apparently do a lot of work on the computer. It is not easy work! It is all about MATLAB. Yes, computer programming still exists! MATLAB is used for data purposes,such as: analyzing and visualizing. MATLAB can act like a graphing calculator, but it seems to be more beneficial for more complex mathematics, like differential equations. I have learned basics where MATLAB is concerned. I know about matrices, basic computation, basic executions, graphing in 2 &3 D, graphing 2 functions (or equations at once), and some shortcuts. I can write a very basic program, and the graphing capabilities (if you know what you are doing) have a fairly attractive appearence. But, MATLAB is not all about colors or graphs. It is used to solve problems faster with the use of conventional computer lingo.
I have been helping Viral (a PhD candidate) look at drops containing "nanoparticles" with different humidities (it's just drops of water). I used a Java based imagining program (imagej) (which is a processing program used in analysis & process, interpreting 3-dimensional images, etc.) to measure the contact angle of colloidal drops at different humidities. Studying the contact angles and the humidities of drops is important in our world of industry. Whether it be in medicine or commercial the phenomena (originated by the stain a coffee drop left) is being researched by Dr. Ying Sun and her team at Drexel University.