Hello Students!  This is going to be a great and promising year!  We will use this website to collaborate during the course of the school year. If you're not enrolled in one of my Civics classes, don't worry.  Everyone is encouraged to use this website as an instructional tool as well as to keep tabs on all of the excitement in my classes.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me!
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                        Class Description
Civics is an introductory course (a freshmen course) that explores past, present, and future trends in government and society.  We will also research and discuss historical documents, wars--both on our soil and abroad, and the Missouri and United States political system.  In this course, we'll discover sociological relationships between citizens of the United States and government; topics include:  population growth, voting behavior, and differnent cultures making up America.  Civics classes will also identify and label geographic features in Missouri, the United States, and world-wide.      
Throughout this 32-week class, there will be three term papers due and submitted through Turnitin.com.  We will determine term paper topics and due date at a later time.  There will also be two class projects (group projects) throughout the year.  Announcements will be made concerning these group projects as the dates draw near.   Aslo for this class, we will be implementing a class blog. It is located on the left side of this webpage.  Students are required to post one comment per week as well as comment on two fellow classmates' blogs.  Finally, to satisfy Missouri's and The United States Department of Education requirements, ALL Civics classes are required to pass both the Missouri Constitution as well as the United States Constitution tests with a grade of 70% or higher. **If students passed the United States Constitution in 8th grade, they will not have to take the test again.    
This course fulfills 1 of the 3 social sciences credits needed to receive the College Preparatory Certificate.  This course is a lecture course and will implement collaborative learning practices.
                           Course Objectives
After taking this course, students will be able to:
  1. Identify the 3 branches of government and their duties.
  2. Understand the function of Missouri Government and its relationship to our U.S. Government
  3. Identify and label major landmasses, major bodies of water, and populous cities and countries of the world.
  4. Work and participate in group activities  constructively and equally.
  5. Use sociological ideoligies and theories to explain population growth throughout American history.
  6. Identify the components of the Missouri and the United States Constitution
  7. Pass the Missouri and U.S. Constitution tests. 
Block Scheduling:
9th Grade Civics
A Days: 7:45-9:05a
Missouri History
A Days: 9:10-10:30a
Current Events
A Days: 10:35-11:55
AP History 1
A Days: 1:25-2:45p
B Days: 7:45-9:05a
American Revolution
B Days: 9:10-10:30a
Planning Period
B Days: 10:35-11:55
9th Grade Civics
B Days: 1:25-2:45p
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