Residential Roofing

At Miller Roofing Company we know correct shingle installation is equally important to product quality.  In our opinion, Malarkey Roofing Products produces the best three dimensional shingle on the market.  However, even the best shingles can develop flaws if the installation process is completed haphazardly.  As a roof is being installed, significant precision must be used to attach a shingle using the correct nail pattern and nail depth.  Over time poorly installed roofing systems can become prone to damage as a result of strong Wyoming winds.  On older homes that possess hard wood decks it is difficult for an installer operating a nail gun to know if nails split a wood seam or if they drive directly into a board.  Using the hand nail installation process Miller Roofing Company believes in allows us to know whether or not our nails enter the roof deck wood to create a solid and dependable bond. 

Nail depth is also vitally important when it comes to shingle installation.  Using our hand nailing process we are positive that nails are not under driven or over driven.  While nail guns might seem like a faster option, shingle installers using a gun often set their air compressor incorrectly which can cause nails to blow through shingles, this can cause future issues.  At Miller Roofing Company our professional installers can properly gauge nail depth to insure that shingles can resist wind and water.  In most instances we use 1 1/2" nails in order to ensure better adhesion, while the majority of roofers opt for shorter, less effective, nails that don't penetrate the roof deck as deep.

Miller Roofing Company understands the importance of careful installation and quality materials.  In most instances we use 30 lb felt rather than cheaper and less reliable options on the market, because we believe it creates the best reliability for our customers.  For our climate, we recommend customers install Malarkey's hail resistant shingles named the Malarkey Legacy, but Malakey does offer a more economical shingle known as the Malarkey Vista, as well as, the cost friendly Malarkey Highlander.  Customers who install the Legacy and Vista shingles are eligible to receive a discount on their insurance premium, for many insurance companies.  All our customers can rest assured that roof penetrations (valleys, chimneys, pipes and satellite dishes) are professoinaly sealed using roof cement.  

We have served Northeast Wyoming and our surrounding areas for nearly 40 years due to our overwhelming commitment to quality.  If you want to learn more about the shingles we recommend click the blue hyperlinks above or click on the Malarkey Roofing Products image below.  If you need an estimate or roof inspection check out our "contact us" page.  We look forward to working for you!   

Miller Roofing Company is a Certified Malarkey Roofing Products installer.