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Throughout the 40 years Miller Roofing Company has existed we have witnessed a variety of flat roofing manufactures and products come and go. This is why we firmly believe in the product provided by Duro-Last Roof Systems.  From our perspective Duro-Last's product provides the best solution to our Commercial customers in search of a flat roofing system that is long lasting and rarely requires additional maintenance after installation. Miller Roofing Company has been an authorized Duro-Last Contractor since 1993!  

If you click on the Miller Roofing Company image link below you can watch a slideshow of our company installing a Duro-Last roof system.

Fluctuating Wyoming temperatures cause metal to expand and contract which results in seam leaks and fasteners working out thus leaving holes in metal roofs. The quick fix for this issue are sealants that stick to the roof, unfortunately these sealant harden over time and crack when metal expands and contracts as temperatures fluctuate.

Miller Roofing Company believes the best solution for leaky metal roof in Wyoming the Wyoming climate is a retrofit option manufactured by Duro-Last Roofing.

For MORE INFORMATION about materials produced by, Duro-Last Roofing, Inc., and installed by, Miller Roofing Company,click on the image links below: