Welcome to Kay Miller's

Holland Lops!

Welcome to Kay Miller's rabbitry website!

Hello, I am Kay Miller. I live in Manitou Springs, Colorado and have been raising rabbits since 1979 although I didn't get my first Hollands until 1980. 

 I just love this breed. It has many challenges but just as many rewards. I mainly show locally but do occasionally get to Holland Nationals. 

I get great satisfaction getting children started in the breed. It is great to see them get their first ribbons.  After that, they are hooked on the hobby.

I have met many special folks along the way. 

Many thanks to: 

Marcia Miller
Laureen Wark
 Mark Taylor
The Blackburns

 and all the Holland Babes:  Patty, Jen, Diana, Kathy.

 But most of all my chief driver and biggest supporter, my Hubby Gary.