Welcome to the resources page for the Design for the Mind keynote talk and associated workshops. Links to materials and resources are on the pages for each of these topics: 

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Additionally, these two sites have good quality information on teaching and learning strategies that draw on cognitive psychology:

Coming soon from the Online Learning Consortium: an international study on awareness of neuromyths and evidence-based practices among faculty, instructional designers, and leaders within higher education. Here is the citation:

Betts, K., Miller, M., Tokuhama-Espinosa, T., Shewokis, P., Anderson, A., Borja, C., Galoyan, T., Delaney, B., Eigenauer, J., & Dekker, S. (2019). Neuromyths and evidence-based practices in higher education: An international
report study. Online Learning Consortium: Newburyport, MA.

Want to learn more in a fully online asynchronous format? Several times per year, I team up with Dr. Kristen Betts of Drexel University to facilitate a one-week professional development workshop hosted by the Online Learning Consortium. Click here for a workshop description: https://onlinelearningconsortium.org/learn/olc-new-institute-schedule/institute-offerings/?id=416&cohort=306