I want students to learn the philosophies, theories, and recent advances of geology and biology in a way that is challenging, interesting, and encourages scientific research. In my classroom, I want students to become skillful at observing, describing, and evaluating material or data related to the course regardless of their backgrounds, academic goals, or learning styles.

College Classroom Experience (Head Instructor)

 "The Paleontological Record of Species' Originations, Interactions, and Extinctions"  Spring, 2011
 "Ecosystems through Time  Spring, 2010

College Classroom Experience (Teaching Assistantships)

"Biodiversity" - The University of Chicago, instructor: Dr. M. LaBarbera Fall, 2007
 "Evolution and the Scientific Method" - Northwestern University, instructor: Dr. B. Sageman Winter, 2006
 "Analytical Paleobiology" - The University of Chicago, instructor: Dr. M. Foote Fall, 2006
 "Paleontology" - Macalester College, instructor: Dr. R. Rogers Spring, 1999
 "Biology and Geology of the Hawaiian Islands" - Macalester College, instructors: Dr. J. Craddock, Dr. K Wirth Winter, 1999
 "Sedimentology and Stratigraphy" - Macalester College, instuctor: Dr. R. Rogers Fall, 1998
 Intro geology classes, evening lab supervisor - Macalester College Fall, 1998 - Spring, 2000

I am also a firm believer in student research.  I have incorporated nearly two dozen high school, undergraduate and graduate students into field and lab work relating to my dissertation. 

Integrating Research & Education

 Undergraduate and Graduate Field Experience (Yellowstone National Park) Summers, 2005-2007
 Field Experience for Public Summer, 2007
 Undergraduate Lab Experience (Field Museum of Natural History & Northwestern University Winter, 2006

Outreach & Secondary Education

Vertebrate Paleontology: Exploring the past & revealing the present. Deerfield High School, IL (on behalf of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology) 2009
 Education Consultant & Teacher, "Project Exploration" (Chicago-based non-profit for science education of minorities and girls) 2003 - 2010
 High School biology tutor (Independent) Fall, 2007
 "Stones and Bones" - The University of Chicago (co-Instructor with Dr. Paul Sereno, undergraduate summer coarse in geology and paleontology) Summer, 2003
 "Earth Science" - The Northwest School (Seattle, WA). Instructor, 8th grade Jan-April, 2003