Joshua H. Miller

Paleontology, Conservation Biology
josh.miller "at" uc "dot" edu

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I am a paleontologist and conservation biologists interested in the ecological information contained in natural accumulations of bones (death assemblages). 

Whether fifty, fifty-thousand or fifty-million years old, the ecological data contained in bone accumulations are often our only record of past ecosystems and provide high-quality data on baseline community states and historical variability of modern populations.

Ancient bone deposits (the fossil record) are relied on by paleontologists for reconstructing extinct communities. Similarly, although largely unrecognized biologists working in modern settings, modern bone accumulations contain valuable historical population data for understudied animal communities.

Through a multidisciplinary approach that brings together ecology, wildlife management, conservation biology, paleobiology, and GIS, my research explores the ecological data contained in bone accumulations from the modern, sub-fossil, and fossil realms. Using fieldwork, quantitative analyses, and statistical modeling, I am refining our understanding of the biological data that is contained in bone accumulations and providing new tools for recovering those data from recent, historical, and fossil accumulations.