Me and my dog Milo

". . . through others we become ourselves."

L. S. Vygotsky

My name is Douglas Miller and I created this ePortfolio while I was a graduate student at the University of Wyoming. In it you will find artifacts representing my educational foundations, personal learning and development, technological understanding, as well as evidence of research and scholarship. Also included is a personal evaluation of my ePortfolio that provides an introspective evaluation of what I have done to create it and how it has evolved over time.

You are invited to review the following additions to my introduction that will provide a more complete representation of my prior-knowledge and recent experiences at the time this ePortfolio was created:

My Resume
A breakdown of educational experiences, employment history, professional skills, accomplishments, volunteer experience, and memberships.
A statement of why I am choosing to pursue a career in instructional technology as well as some of the theories and researchers that have impacted my learning philosophy.

My Program Timeline
A breakdown of completed coursework as well as anticipated completion of coursework needed for a Master's of Science in Education with a concentration in Instructional Technology.

I believe having an educated population is one of the critical components necessary to achieving peace, prosperity, and happiness in a community. For many, quality education is not available. For others the education opportunities that are available are not of high quality and suffer from deficiencies in design and implementation. 

New technologies offer a sense of excitement for innovative educators. However, careful application of research based theory must remain the driving force behind the selection and application of any tool or piece of media in instruction. Regardless of the instructional strategies that are implemented, assessment remains the key to improvement. 
  • Instructors must find innovative methods for delivering information to learners and those instructional methods will require equally innovative methods for assessing the learning that transpires. 
  • Technologists will need to make proper assessments of the tools that are used by instructors in order to ensure they are applied based on evaluations of their pedagogical value, contextual appropriateness, and educational effectiveness. 
  • Administrators must be open to new methods for assessing the effectiveness of instructors and technologists or innovation in education will stifled. 
Other changes must be made if education is to be made more accessible and of higher quality. People who cannot access the internet must be given access and those who are already online need to be guaranteed open access to any information deemed necessary for learning. The internet affords all capable and connected users the ability to effortlessly share information. Consequently anyone with access to that information has the ability to learn. I believe education is a right and in order to ensure all people can acquire high quality education, access to information must be assured for all people.