Miller Chapter

Chartered under the national office of the Izaak Walton League of America in 1947, the Miller Chapter is one of 23 within the Indiana Division. Our purpose is multifaceted, with concerns for land, air, water, and wildlife, and our resolve to maintain, protect, and restore those resources. Our clubhouse is one mile south of Lake Michigan on the Little Calumet River.
Amenities include a meeting hall, a members-only bar. We also enjoy a 21-acre tract used for picnics, boat storage, and a developing recreational harbor facility with additional boating facilities along the river.

From the Officers and Directors of the Miller Chapter (written by Fred Sansone)

As you  may or may not know. On the evening of June  15th until the wee  hours of the next morning  our  beloved  clubhouse was  destroyed  by fire.  Several  investigators  have  been on the site  but no official  conclusive  cause  has been reported other than a tragic accident  occurred  there.  PLEASE do  not lend yourself  to the  rumors or  accusations  you may hear or have heard. They are all just  the speculation  of idle minds.  Make no mistake, every effort to facilitate  the  rebirth of our  club  is in action.  Permits  have been applied  for,  demolition  companies  are  submitting  bids for  consideration  and  soon  a temporary  trailer will  be in place so some  business  can  be conducted.  An  account  at Centier  Bank  is being established  so donations  can be accepted.   The  bright side of this is NO ONE was  injured in any way. Yes  our  hearts are broken at the loss of our  precious club.  But remember  it is and always  has been the  people that  make the  Miller Chapter of the  lzaak Walton  League of America  the great  place it is and what  it shall  be again.  I would  advise  all who  can to  start attending  the general  membership  meetings

which will be held at Bass Pro Shop at 7:00 pm in their Community Meeting Room every 1" Tuesday of the month. I am sure much will be discussed at the meetings in the coming months. A Rebuild committee is being formed to begin this arduous task. Sure there are a million unanswered questions which will take some time to sort out as there are many issues to deal with.  We have always been a strong, proud family of boaters, conservationists and outdoors people, all members of the Miller Chapter of the lzaak Walton League of America. We Will get through this.

Due the loss of our clubhouse, we have established the Izaak Walton, Miller Chapter (rebuilding account) #102784531, at Centier Bank.  Anyone wishing to help simply needs to stop at any Centier branch to make a donation.
Thank you!