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Writing the Essay

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During the course of the year in Writing the Essay, you can expect to compose a variety of different essay assignments. In addition, there is regular information on the Writing the Essay blog, which you should check regularly.


Below are some of the assignments we have worked on this year:

Personal narrative


Problem-solving essay - Identify a problem you had in which you failed more than once trying to solve it. In a well-organized essay, write about the two attempts that failed and the one that succeeded.


Chronological description essay - Choose an exciting event that changes the setting of a place significantly. In a well-organized essay, describe the before, during, and after of the event. Click here for the grading checklist sheet.


Observing essay - Focus on a specific event or experience and fully describe it from a third person point of view. Your essay must address a limited time and scope, but provide numerous, concrete details. Click here for the grading checklist sheet.

Comparison essay - In this assignment, choose a topic that lends itself to comparing and/or contrasting. Use a standard organizational pattern to present your ideas. Click here for the grading checklist.


Note: Many of the assignments are based on the Stack the Deck writing program.