Here you can find an ongoing list of vocabulary words for English 10

Here is the complete list of vocabulary words for the first semester 2007-08 



acquiesce – to comply or agree without protest

amiable – friendly, good-natured

austerity – severely plain or simple


balustrade - a railing and posts that support it


calamity – a disaster

capacious – spacious, roomy

chasm – deep crack in the earth’s surface

chasten – corrected by punishment

chronic – affecting something for a long time

clamor – a loud noise or outcry

commiseration – to share in the misery of

contentious – quarrelsome

convulse - to shake violently


debark - to unload

dexterity – skill in handling things

dispensations – exemption from penalty

   expansively – in an open, generous way

explicit - stating something in exact terms

fervent – showing warmth of feeling

forlorn – alone and unhappy

futility – uselessness, ineffectiveness, hopelessness


gargantuan – huge


impervious – not influenced or able to be penetrated

implicate – to show a person to be involved in a crime

imply – to express or indicate indirectly

inane – lacking sense or substance

inconceivable –  (ADJECTIVE) cannot be imagined or believed

incredulity –  (NOUN) complete inability to believe

initiation – ceremony in which someone is admitted as a member of a group

innate – inborn, occurring naturally


latent – existing, but not yet visible

lucid – easily understood or period of sanity


malicious – having or showing desire to harm another


oblivious – totally unaware
   omission – something left out or neglected

opulent – wealthy, rich


pervade - to be present or spread throughout
   placate – to satisfy or appease

precedence - priority in time or order

prestige – status or reputation
   proactive – acting in advance of something


regally – like royalty, fit for a king

resonance – intensification/prolongation of sound

reticent – not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings easily

retort – quick, sharp or witty reply


saccharine - artificially sweet

scrutiny – a close look or examination

sedate – composed, collected

solace – act of showing sympathy

sterile - unproductive; without life


tacit - implied by or inferred from actions


unfettered – unrestricted, not held back


venerable –worthy of respect

vindicated – to clear of blame or suspicion