For Parents


Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen

- Willa Cather


English 10

Writing the Essay

Public Speaking

Civilzations & Literature

For Parents

 I  hope that you, along with your child, will find these pages helpful and enjoyable.


On the front page of this site, you will find a spot where I post the latest due dates for students in English 10. Another spot to check regularly is the classroom blog, which contains assignments, work samples from the students, and links to important sites.

Each class page also contains links and other resources related to the work we do in class. You can also see what important dates and school events are coming up . If you would like copies of any of the assignments, you can find them on the class pages. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the work I expect from your child.


You may also find the following links to be helpful:


If you are looking for books for your child to read over the summer or as enrichment, the American Library Association keeps a comprehensive lists for all types of abilities and interests.

Branford Schools Main Page

Parent Resources from Family - A helpful site on bullying and how parents can deal with it - An informational site for parents with a behavioral health questionnaire to help pinpoint issues that may arise with problems in school and many ideas for solving them. Many articles and links as well. - A good overall site with dozens of relevant links for parents.

Information on the CAPT exam from the Connecticut State Department of Education.