The Fifth Novella of Millennial Row.

Dinah from Carolina - It's Winter Break 2009 and Dinah Lee Hennessy has gone missing. Her car has been found on the road outside of town, the driver's side door open and signs of a struggle inside. As the nation's eyes descend on the small town of Soco, North Carolina, the residents, law enforcement, and media ask the question, "Where is Dinah from Carolina?"
Have you seen Dinah Lee Hennessy?


- Dinah Lee Hennessy - NC State Sophomore and Criminology daughter that has gone missing on her way home for winter break.
- Jim Hennessy - Dinah's father, runs the only bar in Soco and is struggling to keep it open.
- Mabel Hennessy - Dinah's mother and the elementary school teacher in Soco.
- Gena Hennessy - Dinah's older sister, she works at her father's bar, not interested in going to college.
- Timmy Hennessy - Dinah's younger brother, he's still in high school but helps out at the local motel.
- Sheriff Earl Tanner - The Soco sheriff. He's the one that finds Dinah's car and coordinates with NC State Police and the FBI as they search for Dinah Lee.