MILLENNIAL ROW - Exploring life in the 21st Century

MILLENNIAL ROW explores life in the 21st century from numerous angles, including those getting their first taste of reality after graduating college and those who’ve had their fill through a lifetime of experiences. It comprises ten parts; three anthologies will be produced each containing three novellas and a final novel. Each novella will be released first as an eBook. Once three are complete the anthologies will be released in paperback and hardcover and will include new additional material following the novellas. The tenth and final part will be the novel Finished Product.

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Life's Penance [Now Available] - Lincoln Burke is at a crossroads in his life. He isn't ready to take the next step with his longtime girlfriend Lise Phillips, and his job is nothing but a dead end. After his friend Rick Bestest ends up in the hospital, his married friends separate, and a family emergency dares to call him back north, he must make a decision of a lifetime. Life's Penance follows Lincoln, Lise and Rick as they deal with the trials of life and death and search for the meaning behind it all.
Live each day like it's your last!

Andy 4 President - Andy Sawyer is divorced, unemployed, and bankrupt. As his home state of New Hampshire gears up for the 2008 Presidential Primary, Andy takes a chance and jumps into the field for the Democratic nomination for President. Join Andy and his staff of novices as they travel the country challenging the establishment and promoting common sense solutions to America's problems. That is, unless the Federal Election Commission has a problem with it.
A vote for Andy is a vote for . . . Andy!

For Want of a Nickel - Some people's purpose in life seems only to be a warning for others. Richmond-native Adam Brownleaf can't seem to get his life moving. From his teenage years on Adam has fallen short and must face a life of disappointment and unintended consequences. Each time he has a chance to pick himself up, on question always seems to hold him back.
Can anybody spare some change?


How to Fold Towels - This story takes us to the East Village in New York City where Leonard Woose works for a law firm conducting witness preparation. He suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, which helps him keep impeccable notes and cuts him off from personal relationships. But what happens when his whole world comes crashing down? 
A place for everything and nothing is in its place.

Dinah from Carolina - It's Winter Break 2009 and Dinah Lee Hennessy has gone missing. Her car has been found on the road outside of town, the driver's side door open and signs of a struggle inside. As the nation's eyes descend on the small town of Soco, North Carolina, the residents, law enforcement, and media ask the question, "Where is Dinah from Carolina?"
Have you seen Dinah Lee Hennessy?

Fauxston Revisited - It has been five years since we last checked in on Polk Fauxston and his friends. Find out what he's been up to. Meet some new friends and get to know some others better. As Polk faces another major fork in the road of life, does he take the high road, the path less traveled by, or does he just take the fork.
Back into the mind of Polk.


Chase, Hide and Seek - Murray lives a sad and lonely life since he was forced into retirement and lost the love of his life to cancer. The only solace he finds each day is visiting his favorite painting, a classic by William Merritt Chase that hangs in the old house of the Phillips Collection in Dupont Circle. It speaks to him, harking back to his childhood, until fire strikes the museum and Murray is cut off from the one thing he had left to enjoy. Will he be able to wait until he can seek out the artwork once more?
Tag! You're It!

Get Outta Tahn - High School Graduation has come and gone, now Lambert Kope, Jillian Miles, and Freddy Benjamin are spending one last weekend in the Steel City. They visit the museums, stadiums, and shopping centers, and one last ride on the Gateway Clipper as they say goodbye. Each is going there separate ways in the fall, far away from home, but first they take one last drive across the three rivers before they get outta yawn.
Yinz wanna go dahntahn?

Literary Free Will - Jason Cavenaugh has a normal life that has seemed to be going well up to this point. He has a loving wife, Connie, and they're considering building a family outside Santa Monica, California. He has a good job with an interesting mix of coworkers in a typical office culture. He has a solid core group of four friends that he sees all the time, including best friend Wilhemina, or "Will" for short. But when bad news begins to strike and he and his friends each have to consider life-changing decisions, Will becomes aware of something much bigger than their problems. 
The story of your life isn't written yet


Finished Product - Eight different people, eight different stories, but just one goal: The Finished Product. The interwoven series of tales moves the reader in and around the DC area as each character takes the necessary steps to complete their mission. Whether it be passing an exam, building a house, running for office, or writing a book, each of them are devoted to their cause.
The only novel of the Millennial Row series, Finished Product will bring the series to a close. 
Celebrate the journey as well as the result

Each novella will be released first as an eBook available on Amazon,,, and from the iBookstore. Each set of three will then be published as anthologies and available wherever books are sold.
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 *Plot synopsis and names may change as part of the development of each novella. 
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