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Original songs about Jews in captivity, 

helping us identify with them and feel their pain


Lonely Prisoner

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 23 Mar 2011
Updated version, with new lyrics and music, uploaded for download.
19 Feb 2008 Rough recording of 'Lonely Prisoner' is uploaded to this site, available for mp3 download.

Captive Brothers

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The Story of the Captured Soldiers: Gilad, Ehud, and Eldad

This is a song that I wrote in October 2006, about the 3 most recently captured soldiers of the IDF, the Israeli Defense Forces. Their names are Gilad Shalit (גלעד שליט), Ehud Goldwasser (אהוד גולדוושר ), and Eldad Regev (אלדד רגב) . 

Gilad Shalit, still prisoner of enemies of the Jews, exact location and state unknown, was captured by Arab terrorists on Israeli soil, just outside of Aza (Gaza), on 25 June 2006Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, of blessed memory, were captured by Arab terrorists as they stood on routine watch on Israel's northern border with Lebanon, on 12 July 2006

Until July 2008, these 3 men remained in enemy captivity, and we had no sure way of knowing where they were, or even whether they were alive or not. We could only imagine the conditions in which these soldiers -- if they were even alive -- were being kept by our murderous enemies. We can only imagine the torment and suffering that the family and friends of our soldiers went through every single day. It's one thing to lose a relative or close friend; it's another thing entirely to live for any amount of time in a state of doubt and in the dark of not knowing...

Ehud and Eldad were returned to Israel by the Arab terrorists in coffins on 16 July 2008 - just over 2 years after their capture. It has been concluded that Ehud was killed on the day of his capture (aged 31), but our enemies purposefully left his family (including newly wed wife Karnit), and the entire nation of Israel, in the torture of not knowing, for two whole years... Eldad's date of death is not certain, but it's clear that he died soon after his violent capture by the Arab terrorists. The first time that Israel knew for certain that the two Jewish soldiers were dead was when the eyes of the entire nation beheld the two coffins, on 16 July 2008...

Gilad Shalit, now a prisoner for almost 4 years (since 25 June 2006), is currently (as of March 2010) assumed by Israel to be alive. When your information, or lack thereof, comes from terrorists, you can never be sure. In their cruelty, the terrorists have released recordings of Gilad's voice, and letters apparently written by him, at various intervals since his capture. Since it's not possible to prove conclusively the date of their recording/writing, these serve as little more than emotional warfare by the haters of Israel, in attempts to break down Gilad's family, and to break the spirit of the Jewish nation.

About the Song

The song is called Captive Brothers, and it's about these 3 captured soldiers. But although I mention Ehud Goldwasser and Gilad Shalit by name, the song is about all of our soldiers who are still in enemy captivity. 

Obviously, my descriptions of the soldiers in captivity and their conditions there are completely based on my imagination: in their cruelty, our enemies denied us, and continue to deny us, the knowledge whether our soldiers are even alive or not. 

The Hebrew references in the song come from the prayer 'Acheinu', recited during the week at the time of the public Torah reading. It is a heartfelt prayer to G-d to have mercy on all Jews who are in difficult situations, including captivity.

The song is dedicated to the safe return of all our captive brothers, to the consolation and relief of their families. May it be very soon.  It is also dedicated to the elevation of the souls of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, of blessed memory.

The song itself is a T'fila, a prayer, that G-d please have mercy on the soldiers, on their families and friends, and on the entire Jewish People, and bring the soldiers back in a state of wholesomeness -- if they are alive, then alive! -- and to bring relief and calm to their families and friends.


Captive Brothers

Lyrics & Music: Yair Gordon
All rights reserved

Ehud sits alone,
In silent solitude
Kidnapped under gunfire,
Just 'cause he's a Jew
Mother lies awake at nights,
Wondering where he is;
Praying to Hashem to bring him home.

Gilad is a captive,
They taunt him ruthlessly;
Lying in the silence,
The boy begins to weep:
G-d, how much longer
Prisoner in the dark?
Please Hashem, won't You bring me home?

Acheinu kol beit yisrael
Hanetunim b'tzara
G-d, please show us mercy,
And bring our soldiers back;
How long must their mothers lie
Crying through the night?

Our enemies have captured
Brothers, sons of ours;
We haven't heard a sound from them,
For countless bitter hours;
There's only One to turn to;
He's with them in their pain,
We ask Him to return them
Mishi'bud lig'ula!



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