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The foot braces are installed.  I can't believe it's time to start on the decks.  I still need to decide on how to paint the cockpit.  I think I'm going to use some outdoor house paint as others have.  I may drive over to my local West Marine and see if they have some boat paint that does not cost an arm and a leg.  I need to make sure everything is coated with epoxy and sanded first.

                   I used the optional glue on pegs for the front braces and the standard glue on wood blocks for the rear braces.
I got some advice from Mill Creek builder "dehager" when it was time to finish the riser blocks.  Adding some threaded inserts makes changing the rails and foot pegs easy.  I could have used wood screws, but I would have to keep using larger and larger screws if I made changes.  Otherwise, the wood blocks would not have anything for the screws left to bite.  Here is a photo of one.  I was in the midst of painting on some epoxy when I realized I should place a piece of tape over the threaded insert or my efforts would have been wasted.  I still need to sand those rough fiberglass tape edges.

I assembled both of the slatted seats.  They are neat little seats, but I'm just not sure I want to use least the one my butt has to sit on.  I have an experimental seat that I think I'll place on top of the slatted seat.  I may just buy a gel seat and gel seat back or inflatable seats.  It all depends on my lower back.  I thought I would try this Seattle Sports EZ Kayak Seat first.  I plan to place it on top of the slatted seat.

Instead of using the seat cleats glued to the floor of the boat, I glued them to the inside of the seats.  I'm going to try Velcro tape to keep them in place.  If that does not work, it's back to the drawing board or I'll just buy seats.

I'm also looking at this for a total substitute or I could go with the tried and true Creature Comfort Seat that is sold by CLC.