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29 May 2010
Yesterday, I had the afternoon and evening to do some more sanding.  I used the RO with 120, the palm sander with 80, 120, 220 and even 320.  I also used my block sander and even plain paper and my sore fingers to do some sanding.  At this point, I am starting to see glass in a lot of areas but it is not exposed.  I finished with 320 grit waterproof paper on the palm sander and a spray bottle of water.  I still have some places with tiny little pits, but I do not think I can sand too much more or I will be cutting into the glass in the surrounding areas.  There is an area or two that I think a thin coat of epoxy is needed.  I'll let that cure and sand it a little more next week.  Then it will get another light sanding and washed.  After that, it is time for the Pre-Kote and Brightsides.

This is upside down.  The top left corner is the bottom panel, then the bilge panel is in center and the sheer panel is bottom right.

I have never minded sanding and I did not mind sanding this kayak.  The only thing that made it a bit tedious was the fact that I did not know exactly how much I needed to sand.  Once I figured that out, I was fine.  Even in the photo above, I have not over sanded.  The fiberglass weave that is visible is still under a thin layer of epoxy.  There were a couple of areas that I added a thin coating of epoxy today and that was it.

30 May 2010
This morning, I checked the spots where I added a thin epoxy layer and those tiny little pits are now filled.  I will now let the Pre-Kote primer take care of the remaining shallow pits.

My next opportunity to work on it will be 04 June.