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Design Consultations and Talks



If any of the following thoughts have run through your mind...

"I just want a few suggestions to make a dreary part of the garden look more exciting and colourful."

"Help! I've spent a fortune on plants that die. What can I plant that will survive?"

"The garden looks dead from the end of August until the spring. I want a garden that looks beautiful all year long and I'm too busy to do much to it."

"I've finished doing up our new house, now I want to start on the garden. Where should I begin?"

"I need an experienced eye to see where I need help."

Then you may be interested to know that medal winning nurserywoman, writer and gardener Sally Gregson is available for consultations and design advice. Sally will travel to your home and appraise your needs, be they simple, such as suggesting suitable plants for a given area, or more complex, such as suggestions for re-designing and restructuring your garden. She will  follow up her visit with  a written resume of the consultation and a list of plant suggestions. A 10% discount on the retail price will be available on any plants that she sources.

The fee for this service is £50 plus fuel @ 45p/mile.

For further details please get in touch with Sally via email.



In addition to workshops and design advice, Sally also travels to gardening clubs to give talks on a wide ranging of subjects. She is happy to travel any distance both in the UK and elsewhere. If you would like to talk to Sally about an engagement, click here to email or phone 01749 676966 after 6.00pm

Titles include:

Cottage Gardens for a New Century

An examination of how our concept of cottage gardening has changed over the centuries and how it will continue to develop into the 21st century. (1hr flexible) Powerpoint presentation.


With the publication of Sally's new book, 'The Plant Lover's Guide to Epimediums' to be published in 2014 by Timber Press, this talk covers the more widely grown species and forms, and introduces 21st century gardeners to the beautiful new species from China, and the hybrids that have been developed over the past 10 years, and are still being bred. (1hr. flexible) Powerpoint presentation.

Great Gardens of the World

Visit some of the most beautiful gardens in the world, from Italy, through Canada, to Brazil. (1hr flexible) Powerpoint presentation.   


From the ‘Christmas Rose’ to the glorious variety of ‘Lenten Roses’ and the subtleties of the less well-known species, this talk covers the cultivation, care and propagation of Hellebores with slides as well as the plants themselves in season. (1hr flexible) Powerpoint presentation


Once ‘too popular’ in the fifties and now undeservedly ignored by many, the hydrangea comes in very many different species and variety. This talk covers each of their growing conditions, care and propagation and will show you some of the varieties that are coming in now from Japan via the French National Collection holder, Shamrock Gardens.  As a nursery (Mill Cottage Plants) we exhibited them at the Hampton Court Flower Show in 2005, and hope to bring some for sale to your members. (1hr flexible) Powerpoint presentation

Ornamental Vegetable Gardening

Vegetables are beautiful! Veggie patches need no longer hide behind a hedge at the bottom of the garden, they can be as beautiful to look at as they are productive, healthy and economic to use. So everyone can 'grow their own' even in a small garden. (1 hr flexible) Powerpoint presentation.


A purely practical explanation and demonstration of how to make more from your garden, including some ‘tricks of the trade’. (1hr, flexible)  

Practical Pruning

A practical demonstration of the arcane art of pruning - how to avoid mistakes, work out the correct timing, and generally keep the garden flowering within bounds. (1hr, flexible).

Shady Ladies and Damp Damsels

Suggestions for planting in those difficult spots from dry shade under trees to heavy damp areas. (1hr, flexible) Demonstration and powerpoint presentation

The Temple Gardens of Kyoto

Some of the most beautiful and enigmatic gardens in the world, the ‘stroll gardens’ and the Zen ‘dry rock’ gardens encapsulate a wholly different approach to creating a garden, and provide a tantalising glimpse into Japanese culture. (Illustrated with slides) (1hr)

The Winter Garden

A reminder and, I hope, an introduction to some of the loveliest winter performers for our gardens. Followed by slides both of winter flowering plants and a few ideas for structure in the garden – the ‘skeleton’ on which to clothe the garden for the rest of the year. (1hr flexible) Powerpoint presentation 


Sally's  fee for 2014/15 is £100 plus travelling expenses (45p/mile).  If it is acceptable to your Club she will bring along a selection of plants for sale at the end of the talk.