The Millburn Township School District’s Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) supports and promotes appropriate education for all children with special needs in our community by meeting regularly with the Department of Special Services to be a conduit for information and concerns between parents and the school district, to provide information and support to parents, and to encourage honest, effective, and respectful dialogue within the community.

SEPAC School Representatives

Dorothy Kelly – Deerfield

Sharyn Stein Berezin – Glenwood

Melanie Rosenbaum – Hartshorn

Tracey Knewitz – South Mountain

Ana Holm - PreSchool

Laura O’Neil – Wyoming

Kimberly Vitetta – Wyoming

Debra Clifford – MMS

Natalie Hiott-Levine - MMS

Sonali Ganti – MMS

Sharon Cohen - MHS

Millburn SEPAC is gathering feedback for future social skills workshops.  Please click the survey link above to respond (by April 7).

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