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From "Scrabble News," the newsletter of the National Scrabble Association

 issue 210, May 2007 page 11

TO CLUB #411, Millburn, NJ


Don Carson is an enthusiastic club director, so much so that he wrote to us recently, “I wanted to write and tell the NSA some things that my club is doing. We give out pins for a win level that someone attains in our club (50,300. 750. 1500,3000- no one attained 3000 yet.) we also give a medallion for a 100 point word to anyone who attains it at our club and a tile bag for anyone who gets a 500 game.

          Those members are able to receive a club shirt and participate in our birthday club, which gives someone four “Scrabble dollars” when it is his or her birthday. You can use these for club dues or any purchase you make through our club.

I enjoy that we can give pens to our guests and if anyone would like to visit us, please let them know they are most welcome. If any directors would like to contact me and discuss what we do feel free to call me at (732) 297-7794 or email me at


So players in the Millburn area, if you’re looking for a game and some fun, why not give Club#411 a visit?




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