Club History

 In 1991 members of the disbanded Linden Club formed the  Millburn Scrabble Club.  Founders Marjorie Bash, Herb Greenberg, and Phil Rosenberg began meeting at the Millburn Library.  Herb  passed away in 1996, Marj moved out of state in 1999 and in 2000 Phil turned the directorship of the Club over to its statistician, Don Carson who recruited club mainstay Glenn Filzer to act as Assistant Director.

 In 2007 Seth Mandel  took over  the task of Club Statistician from Don who had been tracking the games manually with the aid of a calculator all these years. Seth is using the donated laptop to track the data in a spreadsheet.


Monthly Newsletter

In early  2007 Assistant Director and Statistician Seth Mandel started a  monthly newsletter handout.

Club Officers

 Don Carson, Director

Glenn Filzer, Assistant Director and  Birthday Chairman

Seth Mandel, Assistant Director, Statistician and newsletter

Ruth Dunkle, Webmaster 

Gloria Chazin, Club Historian 

Marc Hilton, Treasurer

Fellowship Committee: Lynne Cresitello, Gloria Chazin