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Marching Uniforms

Necessary Items for the Uniform:
-Show or Band Shirt (specified by Director)
-Black Crew Socks (no ankle socks)
-Dinkles (Black Marching Shoes)
-White Gloves
-Shorts to wear under uniform 

What Not to Wear or Do......In Uniform
- Jeans, baggy shorts, cargo pants, or anything that is bulky under the uniform pants
- Shirt other than designated band or show shirt
- Jewelry, other than one set of plain stud earrings or a religious pendant
- Make-up....It runs on the uniform
- Sunglasses
- Ankle-length socks 
- Eat food or drink anything other than water
-No Cell Phones
- Use foul or inappropriate language
- Show excessive or unnecessary displays of affection
- Chew gum
- Be anything other than polite, courteous, and respectful

Uniform Check-In Procedure
1. The front of the hanger has a number on it.
2. Match up the seams on the pant legs.
3. Hang pants so that the legs are in front (straps in the back).
4. Smooth the pants on the hanger so they hang straight.
5. Hang the jacket so it faces front.
6. Zip and fasten the snaps on the jacket.
7. Make sure the sleeves are pulled out and hanging straight.
8. Place gauntlets in the bag.
9. Hang the garment bag in back-do not put the uniform in the bag or zip the bag. This allows the uniform to dry.
10. Wait in line for uniform volunteer to check in uniform.