Wind Ensemble

The Millbrook HS Wind Ensemble is the top performing ensemble at MHS. Students perform in at least 4 concerts a year, along with District Concert Assessment each March. This band focuses on upper level repertoire and extends techniques developed in Symphonic Band, Concert Band, and Middle School Band. Many students in this ensemble study privately. Also, many have been selected for membership in All-District and All-State Band, along with various festivals and honor bands throughout the area. Students are highly encouraged to participate in Solo and Ensemble Recital Night in the spring. Wind Ensemble meets on every other day for 90 minutes. Members of the wind ensemble are required to perform with the Marching Pioneers, with the exception of students involved in Millbrook fall athletics. 
Placement in Wind Ensemble is based on auditions, which takes place in May. Students must audition to be considered for placement in Wind Ensemble.