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Marching Band Competitions 9/27 @ Oakton and Herndon

posted Sep 22, 2014, 12:44 PM by James Tucker
Here's the itinerary for the trip this Saturday to both Oakton HS and Herndon HS.

Itinerary for Oakton & Herndon Competitions

Date: September 27, 2014

Locations: Oakton HS – Vienna, VA and Herndon HS – Herndon, VA


10:00 AM    Arrive at Millbrook

10:45 AM    Depart for Oakton HS; lunch on way to Oakton on bus

12:30 PM     Arrival at Oakton HS, Bathroom, Change into Uniform

1:00 PM       Travel to Warm-Up

1:15 PM       Stretch and Warm-Up

2:25 PM       Travel to Gate

2:35 PM       Gate Time

2:40 PM       Marching Pioneers Performance #1

3:00 PM       Post-show talk and return to buses; students will remain in half-dress; put instruments away

3:30 PM       Return to stadium to watch remaining bands and eat dinner (bring money)

4:40 PM       Watch Oakton HS perform and then return to the buses

5:15 PM       Depart for Herndon HS

5:45 PM       Arrive at Herndon HS and unload; students should get in full dress on the way to Herndon

6:15 PM       Warm-Up

6:45 PM       Travel to Gate

7:00 PM       Gate Time

7:15 PM       Marching Pioneers Performance #2

7:30 PM       Post-show talk and return to buses; students change out of uniform completely and turn in uniforms

8:00 PM       Return to stadium to watch remaining bands; students can eat concessions if need be

9:00 PM       Awards

9:15 PM       Return to buses and depart for Millbrook HS

10:45 PM     Approximate arrival at MHS


***Students should bring their own lunch to eat on the way to Oakton. There will not be a rehearsal prior to our departure from MHS. Students will need money for concessions at either Oakton or Herndon. Students may choose when to eat, but I recommend doing so at Oakton. We will not be staying at awards Oakton, due to a change in our performance time at Herndon. We will dismiss as a group from MHS once all items are put away.