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2012 State/Doniphan

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Food for State

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Final Announcements - State
Our first three squads shoot at 11:45 on Friday, if you are coming down on Friday please plan to be at the trap range no later than 10:30. As everyone has learned this year the shoot times can very greatly. We will be on trap 8, 9, and 10 and our second three squads will follow the first on these same traps. I will need score keepers for each trap. I would like everyone to meet at the campsite no later than 10:30 on Friday morning.
Please view this as a tentative schedule, I have not spoken to the food organizers and I am taking some liberty here just to get something planned. Some of this may change.
Thursday evening
We will need to setup the tents and get the campsite organized. I will already be at the campsite and the trailer will be there also. I am hoping to have the campsite setup by 8:00 pm.
Dinner on Thursday will have to be flexible but we will shoot for 6:00 pm, it may have to be later due to arrival times but this is a starting point.
Thursday evening we will plan to just hangout at the campsite.
Breakfast - 7:30 to 9:00
10:30 meet at campsite prior to shooting
11:45 - 12:30 First squads shoot traps 8, 9, 10
12:30 - 1:15 Second round of squads shoot
Lunch - either after shooting or during
Dinner - 6:00 Pizza
Shari LeGate clinics in the evening, I should have times
Breakfast - 7:30 to 9:00
Shoot handicaps
Lunch during or after handicaps
Tear down campsite and cleanup
Head for home
I have attached a map of our campsite location. Once you enter the trap range on the East side you will need to drive past the club house and down towards the West end of the trap range. Our campsite is the furthest Southwest campsite. As you drive West on the main road through the trap range there will be roads that you can turn left and head South, we will be on the last road that you can turn left. Our campsite will be on the right at the end of that road. Call if you get lost. 402-290-0361 Cell
Coach Springer


Junior Schedule - Thursday
9:00 Meet on North side of club house for all those interested in practicing prior to shooting.
9:10 - 10:00 Practice
10:00 Meet on North side of club house for Junior team picture. Please bring any medals/plaques that you have won this season.
11:00 Squad 52 shooting on trap 8 - Need score keeper to volunteer
12:00 Squad 74 shooting on trap 8 - Need score keeper to volunteer
12:00 Squad 68 shooting on trap 2 - Matt Turner
Pizza will be provided for lunch
Shooting Clinic with Shari LeGate in the evening, this is still tentative more information on Thursday

State Meet Information 4-30

The updated squads for the State Meet are attached. Please note the shooting times and understand that these are only an estimate. I would like everyone to the trap range at least an hour and 30 minutes prior to your shoot time. I will also need a volunteer score keeper for each squad. Please let me know if you will be able to keep the official score. Please do not be intimidated that it is the official score, we have had to provide score keepers every year that we have gone to this event.

MEC Reloaders - Shari LeGate Clinics
Shari LeGate will once again be putting on clinics at the State Meet again this year. I called and spoke to a representative from MEC and they confirmed that she will be there Friday and Saturday for sure, possibly Thursday. If you are new to the team and do not know who Shari LeGate is she is a world class shooter that has won Olympic medals for shooting. MEC sponsors her to come to these meets and do clinics with the kids to help them learn some new techniques for shooting. I have had shooters in her clings for the last several years and she is FANTASTIC!! I have seen her clinic probably at least 10 times and I learn something new each time. Please   let me know ASAP if you are interested in signing up for one of these clinics, they fill up fast. If I can get a list of names together I will go to the MEC trailer and sign everyone up. I highly recommend this for all of the new shooters on the team.

Food Sign Up
Food sign ups are in full swing on the website. We will plan to have meals at the campsite starting with dinner on Thursday night, we will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Friday, dinner will be pizza from town. Saturday we will have breakfast in the morning and then sandwiches for lunch, we should be done before dinner so dinner will be on your own Saturday. To all of those who are staying in a hotel, please know that you are invited to eat with the group at the campsite. Please come for the meals as this is one of the fun aspects of the State Meet for the kids, hanging out together and just having fun at the campsite. We will have s'mores and a campfire for the kids and parents to just hangout and have a good time.

Camp Setup and Tear Down
We will be setting up camp on Thursday afternoon/evening, anyone that is willing to help please feel free to jump in and help. Please also remember that we will need to tear down the camp on Saturday before we leave so please plan to stick around and help with tear down and clean up. I am sure that we will have a fair amount of clean up to do on Saturday. Juniors, if we think we want to setup a tent early on Thursday we can do that for shelter if necessary. We can make that decision when we get there. My plan at this point is to go down on Wednesday night so that I will be there Thursday morning to get everyone signed in and be ready to shoot. I will have a small popup camper and our light blue CRV at the campsite. Our campsite is on the west end of the facility and camping area, we are on the furthest South and West camping spot.

What to bring
Juniors, please remember that you are shooting 100 targets so bring 4 boxes of shells at least. Seniors, you will be shooting 200 targets total so bring at least 8 boxes of shells. They will have practice traps available as well and if you want to do any practicing bring extra shells, practice tickets can be purchased in the club house. You get a better deal if you buy a punch ticket with multiple practice rounds rather than one at a time, so take some friends and pool your money and buy a punch ticket together and you will save a little. If you are planning to shoot in the Shari LeGate clinic bring extra shells for that as well, at least one box if not two.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Coach Springer

Map to Doniphan

Sue Bruening,
Apr 30, 2012, 1:46 PM