*!! Welcome to Masters Swimming!! (Communications and Dues info)

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Thanks for your interest in swimming with the Milky Way Masters swim club. Here is some information about our group and practice time/location.

We offer training for Masters Swimmers on a year-round basis for novice and experienced swimmers. Our members run the full gamut of swimming experience and ability, so you don’t have to worry about fitting in.

It is an ideal place for people wanting to improve their abilities for triathlons, including those with no competitive swimming experience. A typical practice consists of 25-30 swimmers. 

Participation in the coached workout is voluntary. The outer lanes are available for lap swimming or modified workouts.

Dues are among the lowest master’s membership fees in the nation. Membership in US Masters Swimming is required in addition to MWM membership (required for liability insurance protection).

You are welcome to try us out free of charge for 30 days. For liability purposes, you must join USMS after your 30 day trial.  Please fill out the form at the link below "Free Trial & Visitation Form". Your dues may be pro-rated, depending on the time of year you join, details are below.

Email Group:  (Super Important!!)
The best way to stay informed about our group is to join our email group for latest events and practice changes and other important information. You can visit https://gaggle.email/join/milkywaymasters@gaggle.email and click on the Join button.

You can also follow us on twitter, see the twitter link on the left of the web page.

Workout Schedule:

To get started, 

Four simple steps:

1.Click on the "Free Trial & Visitation Form" link below and fill out the online form.

2. Click on 30-Day Tryout/30-Day Trial/Guest Membership Application link to download and print the PDF form, then fill it out, both pages and turn it into the on deck coach on your first practice.

3. To stay informed of practice changes and other info join our e-mail group. 

4. Just show up, introduce yourself to the on-deck coach and they will help you find a lane to swim in and answer any questions you might have. Hand them your 30 day trial form.


If you have any particular questions, you may send an email to:

Want To Join?

After your 30 day trial:

1.       Go to https://www.usms.org/reg/  and click on the “Join/Renew” link at the top of the home page.

2.       Pay your National USMS dues online.  You'll receive your new membership card by email.

3.       Pay your Local Club dues by clicking on the “Buy Now” link on this page (bottom of page) to pay MWM dues by PayPal.  Pay the amount in the MWM column from the table below that corresponds to the month after your first swim with us (to take advantage of the 30-day free offer), or click the subscribe button for the $30 monthly option.

(***NOTE*** the PAY links may not work with the Edge Browser, It is known to work with Chrome Browser.)

Your Masters Membership and dues are as follows:

MWM Dues 2018

New members joining in:MWM (3)USMS (4)
Oct '18$100.00
Nov '18 (includes 2019)$300.00
Dec '18 (includes 2019)$280.00
Jan '19$250.00$54.00
Feb '19$230.00$54.00
Mar '19$210.00$54.00
Apr '19$190.00$54.00
May '19$170.00$54.00
Jun '19$150.00$54.00
Jul '19$130.00$54.00
Aug '19$110.00$54.00
Sep '19$90.00TBA
Oct '19$70.00TBA

***We are now offering a "Summer Only" Option for the three months (June, July, August) we swim outdoors at the Marion pool for $150.00.

To pay your National USMS dues:
go to:

Club: Iowa Masters (IAMA)
Workout Group: Milky Way Masters (MILK)

To pay your local club dues chose one of the options below:

One Annual Payment, pro-rated by month (***NOTE*** the PAY links may not work with the Edge Browser, It is known to work with Chrome Browser.)

Jul - Oct


Monthly Recurring Subscription. ($30) (This option is for those that may want to spread out the annual fee to a monthly fee)
(***NOTE*** the PAY links may not work with the Edge Browser, It is known to work with Chrome Browser.)

2018 Summer Swimming Only $150 (June, July, August) (***NOTE*** the PAY links may not work with the Edge Browser, It is known to work with Chrome Browser.)

Thank you for your interest in the Milky Way Masters!!