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I am a runner

posted Jan 20, 2009, 8:55 AM by Craig Oney
I am a runner, that borrowed a bike, tried a triathlon and became a triathlete!  I stand on the waters edge and ask - why do I do this, I hate water. I don't like being cold, wet, I can't breathe, and those who know me I can't talk when I swim..."NO FUN".  

So I went on a couple of years doing triathlons - only to swim during the races themselves - that was enough swimming for me!!  Being in the fitness field as my day job, I started to listen to my own advice. I was telling people if they were going to improve their running/strength/flexibility, whatever it was that they wanted to improve that they needed to commit to stay consistent and try to at least get 3 times in a week of what they were trying to improve upon.  It only made sense that swimming is the same way, if I truly wanted to get better and not just make it through, I needed to practice.  So... I tried doing it on my own - finding open swims here and there, swimming a couple laps taking a break every other lap, trying to use the kick board for variety only to barley move.....it just wasn't working for me.  If I could find something else other than swimming to do - I would.  

So I joined the MWM- I think I have been a member for 3 years now, every year has gotten better.  Every year I swim more and learn more and it just feels more comfortable.  I still don't do flip turns- Yes Coach Dankert- I will work on that this year!  I have had great time drops in my swims over the last 2 years in my triathlons.  I feel more confident in the water, not only did it make my swim time drop, it helps me transition quicker and enjoy the races more.  I am thankful for the practices, it is the direction and help I need in the pool, coming from a running background.  I still haven't figured out all the swim lingo... and can't remember the order of an IM, thanks to my lane buddies I follow their lead.  

The MWM is a great group, I am sure glad I made that big "LEAP" into the pool!  

Thanks, Jenny Jackson-Powelka