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Well, I've been wondering what to do with for a while now.  I remember some time ago, really quite some years ago, when all I had on it was a beautiful picture of a bed of flowers I'd taken in Grosvenor Park in Chester.  You can imagine my shock when one day I stumbled across a forum where someone - Croatian I think - actually mentioned the site and complained quite bitterly what a waste of a domain it was.

'Didn't shock me into immediate action, and for a while I had another beautiful picture I took one lazy summer of Salamanca's Plaza Mayor.  I love that square.  I love the warmth of Salamanca's stone.

Just so you get the idea, here's a photo I took last summer.

'Spent many an easy morning enjoying a drink and a bowl of olives in that square.  The older I get, the better the memories in fact.

Here's another square I love.  Zagreb's, this time.  Again, from last summer.

I think, in a curiously intuitive way, you can measure the quality of a city by the essence of its main thoroughfare.  By how it embraces space.  You don't need numbers or statistics really.  You get this feeling for a place because of how it treats space.  Both Zagreb and Salamanca treat space with great tenderness.  There is affection for the relationship between people and environment.  There is pride too.

In both cases, there is a lot to be proud of.

So here I am, in the light of last summer and that wonderful time I spent near Paris, in Spain and Croatia.  And I think to myself that it's time to create a virtual calling card.  Something I can point to and which will let people understand me better.

Or, at least, wonder if I mightn't be worth getting to know properly.

Google's Page Creator is no more and my previous domain has now been migrated to Google Sites.  It's not the most flexible of spaces - but a calling card is a simple thing.  And sometimes it's good to work against limitations.  The limitations of others should remind one of one's own.  It's good to be reminded of one's own limitations.

We all have them.

We all need each other in order that we may overcome them.

I hate the term disabled.  There is nothing more patronising than standing in awe of the achievements of the so-called disabled.  The disabled are not disabled.  They are simply human souls in need of support.

Perhaps earlier than their time.

But then time is an enigma.

And I digress.

If you're interested in visiting my calling card, now's your opportunity.  It'll change over the next few weeks and months I'm sure, as I battle more successfully with Google's offering.  In any case, it's not meant to be sleek or professional, nor am I looking to make it so - I'm not a sleek or professional person you see.

I like the adjective "quirky" better.  Yes.  That's what I'm really looking to encapsulate.  A website full of quirkinesses is really what I'm aiming at.

Feedback welcome.

And if you're really interested in hunting it down, you can find the pre-publication version of my story for the charity project "the small print", now online and downloadable in .pdf format.  If you want the final version, mind, open your creaking wallet and buy the book.

Good writing.  Good cause.  And a good opportunity to contribute before we finally shut up shop at the end of February.