Who We Are

Carissa S. Picard


In 1998, Carissa Picard graduated magna cum laude from Trinity College (a women’s college) in Washington, D.C., with a B.A. in Political Science.  While at Trinity, Carissa interned at the White House and on Capital Hill.  After earning her B.A., she obtained her law degree from Georgetown University.


During her third year of law school, Carissa had her first son.  After law school, Carissa practiced regulatory law in Washington, DC; however, the hours of a corporate lawyer were not compatible with her toddler son’s needs.  Carissa left Washington, DC, and moved to southern Alabama to teach American Government at a local college.  While teaching, Carissa met and married her husband (who was in flight school for the Army).  She taught at the college until her husband finished flight school and they were sent to Germany for his first duty station. 

Carissa’s second son was born in Germany with a birth defect that required two medivacs to Walter Reed Army Medical Center and a subsequent compassionate reassignment to Fort Belvoir, VA.  As a result of her son’s special needs, Carissa’s role as a stay at home mother became official.  The next few years were spent tending to her family.  Her husband recently returned from a year in Central America and has orders for Iraq in the Spring.

Although Carissa has been a military spouse for five years, her first experiences with the military were as a sibling, when her older sister joined as an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers.  In fact, in 2002, just prior to marrying her husband, Carissa herself had been offered a commission in the Army JAG Corps.  Carissa and her husband considered being a dual military family but her pregnancy with her second son and her husband’s assignment to Germany made them decide against this.

Carissa created Military Spouses for Change ("MSC") in May of 2007 when she realized that military spouses were a powerful but untapped resource for positive change (there are more than 700,000 active duty spouses alone).  The past five years revealed that our governmental institutions were neither prepared nor capable of properly responding to the increasingly complex needs of our military and veteran families.  While our service members cannot be advocates, our military spouses can.  Consequently, MSC tries to show military spouses how acts of social and/or political awareness can improve their lives, protect their loved ones, and strengthen their country.

To further this goal, MSC has created a blog specifically for military spouses:  Military Spouse Press.  Milspouse Press encourages personal and political expression as well as creates an honest and open dialogue about the military experience and current events/issues that impact our community.  You do not have to be a military spouse to participate although the primary bloggers are.

Finally, Carissa has recently become a political correspondent and op-ed contributor for Military.com. 

You can email Carissa at csp@militaryspousesforchange.com and/or read her blog at www.militaryspousesforchange.blogspot.com.


Inga M. Guenther

National Secretary

Inga is the proud wife and mother to three service members.  In May 2003, her oldest son joined the Army.  She marks this as the beginning of her life in the military.  Since then her youngest son has joined the Marines and her husband has also joined the Army. 

She is married to a Cavalry Scout scheduled to deploy to Iraq early in 2008.  Her oldest son is in the Army artillery at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and her youngest son is a Marine MP in Okinawa, Japan.  She also has a son and two step-sons who reside in Indiana, her home state, and three beautiful grandchildren.

Inga joined Military Spouses for Change in August of 2007.  If you ask her why she joined Military Spouses for Change, she would reply: "To become involved in change…..change for the better of our service members and veterans".   Our organization's name reflects how she feels and that is what drew her to become a member.  Her contributions to Military Spouses for Change include, but are not limited to, maintaining our membership database and updating our website with news and information.

Inga has an extensive background in banking, management, and sales.  Her personal interests include informing other military families about legislation involving the military and veterans, as well as engaging in PTSD research.   She also belongs to Army and Marine mom support groups.

Inga can be reached at ingaguenther@gmail.com


Tiffany Landis

Internet Membership Outreach Director

Tiffany Landis has been a proud military spouse and stay-at-home mother for seven years.  She has three beautiful young children and her husband is currently serving his second tour in Iraq.   

Tiffany maintains the MSC Myspace site and message board.