US Military retirees and their families living overseas are no different than their counterparts living in the U.S. But in many ways we are treated differently by our government. But now there is one more attack on us.

There is a devastating development that will eventually effect all military retirees and their families and even the families of AD who use TRICARE overseas. Changes to the method in which Maximum Allowable Charges are computed for claims are the problem.

They will be implemented in the Philippines and Panama and other countries with large retiree populations. Many claims will exceed the new rates which the retiree will be responsible for as well as his normal co-pays making us responsible for 50 – 95% of the cost.

Send an Email to MG Elder Granger, Deputy Director Tricare Management Activity. Tell him what you think of his plan. Or don't like that the DODIG agrees with and reinforces TMAs actions, tell them too.


It Appears WPS is Having Trouble Again

Web page down, no notice to customers, but keep emailing them to access the defunct web page.

Typical Wisconsin Physician Service Health Insurance Employee?

Ever wonder why your TRICARE overseas claims get lost, assigned the wrong CPT codes and therefore downgraded resulting in a lower than justified allowed amount or maybe just denied. See what one of their employees has to say about his job.

Why Can’t the TRICARE Management Activity provide a list of “participating providers” or at least legitimate providers in the Philippines that have submitted claims and been paid within the last six months?

Is what they sent us a joke, an attempt to provide false information or are they just incompetent? You be the judge!


TMA tells us that this policy is an attempt to prevent fraud and to detect fraud. Due you believe that? We don't. Wonder what the real reason is, we think we know.

Greetings! My name is Estrella L. Myers. I am the widow of George R. Myers and this is my story

When a government agency forgets its real mission and stereo types certain retirees someone will pay the ultimate price.

Bob's Saga Continues, The Battle to Get Reimbursed for Legitimate Care

More on the continuing problems with reimbursement and finding that come 1 Oct it will get even worse....

MHS Blog Questions and Answers, For What They are Worth

TRICARE Medical Activity Thinks Fraud is Bad in the Philippines and Retirees are Responsible but Look!!

The TRICARE Medical Activity (TMA) likes to continue to point to fraud in the Philippines but with the exception of the HVC case, they have done little to stem fraud ...

Erroneous Conclusions in DODIG Audit Report 08-045

The document at the bottom of this page was sent to the members of the DODIG team that participated in the development of the audit report entitled, "Controls Over the ...

Background and In-depth Analysis

The attached document provides the reader some background of the issues that lead to the TRICARE Management Activities draconian and poorly thought through approach to setting Maximum Allowable Charges. This is ...

TMA Response to Congressman Brad Ellsworth & Rebuttal Letter

The information below is quoted verbatim from TRICARE Medical Activities response to the sample letter shown on this page. "In order to address the continued increases in TRICARE healthcare costs ...


Some Retirees & Their Families

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We Want Your Story

If you are retired US Military and live overseas and have a story about TRICARE to tell and want it posted here please contact us at the email address below. (We will not use your full name.)
Email Broken Promises

Don't Like How WPS, the Overseas Claims Processor, Handles You Claims. Send Their Vice President or Humana an Email and Tell Him What You Think

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