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June 20, 2017

Co-Secretaries:Military Classics Seminar

Eric Joyce      email:                                                                                                                              

Bob Goldich   Telephone: (703) 359-1074


Topic:         Walton S. Moody, Building a Strategic Air Force. 1996.

Speaker:     Conrad Crane, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College

Date:           20 June 2017

Place:         Fort Myer Officer's Club
5:30 Gathering
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Discussion
Garden salad
Prime rib of beef with roast potatoes and horseradish
Lemon-lime sherbet

                             Cost: $35.00



For the dinner, we ask that you

1) RSVP: Make your reservation no later than the previous Wednesday by replying Eric Joyce at this e-mail address or to Bob Goldich by phone at (703) 359-1074.

2) Pay for the meal with check or cash ($35) at the entrance to the meeting room at Ft. Myer. Those who make a reservation and do not show are still obligated for the cost of the dinner.

Book Raffle

Our last book raffle was a great success and helped defray the cost of the dinner. Please bring to the meeting any good books you would like to donate to the cause.



Upcoming speakers/events at the University Club's Military History Legion:

 ** $18.00 open bar - Wine, beer, soft drinks and complimentary popcorn **
All events are at the University Club: 1135 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036, Phone: 202 862-8800.  You may also join us for dinner with the speaker afterward. Non-members may use credit cards or cash for dinner.  Business attire (no jeans). Valet parking available: $12 for 2 hrs, $17 for 2+ hrs; some metered parking nearby but may run until 10 pm!   
Questions? Contact Margaret Stoltz at 202-824-1390 or or Jeff Gibbs:  To be added or removed from this list, contact Jeff.

Upcoming University Club Military History Legion events:

Upcoming University Club Military History Legion events:
May 16, 2017 (Tues) – “China's Quest for Great Power” by CAPT. Bud Cole USN (ret) will explain China’s naval expansion, and its linkage to the pursuit of secure energy sources and Chinese foreign policy, both globally and in an Asian context; in a presentation that we hope will be in time to anticipate pending developments in the South China Sea.
June  8, 2017 (Thurs) – “Playing War: Wargaming WW II in the Pacific” by John Lillard, will discuss the history and nature of wargaming and how the wargames conducted by the Naval War College  allowed the US Navy to foresee the course of the battle for the Pacific during WW II. 
June 20, 2017 (Tues) – “Scales on War: The Future of America’s Military at Risk” by MGen. Bob Scales USA(r),  who will illustrate how, through the experience of recent conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, our adaptive enemies learned how to defeat American technology, and why a resurgence of neglected Army and Marine small units is now required.
July 11, 2017 (Tues) – “Patton’s Way: A Radical Theory of War” by Kelly Morningstar, who will describe Gen. George Patton’s radical doctrine of war, developed over decades, that contradicted official Army doctrine but led to brilliant successes such as his breakout from the Normandy pocket that shattered German resistance and liberated Paris.
August 24, 2017 (Thurs) – “The Great Siege – Malta 1565” by Jeff Gibbs, about one of the most celebrated but now neglected events of the period: the dramatic, desperate siege of Malta, where the Knights and the Maltese people heroically crushed the myth of Turkish invincibility.
(all MHL events are held at the University Club:
1135 16th Street, NW,

Washington, DC 20036, Phone: 202 862 8800)

It’s fine to just show up if your schedule prevents planning ahead (pay at the door).

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