Google Group

For the purpose of discussing how to bagpipe at military events, placing individual bagpipers at military events, and helping military personnel learn to play the great highland bagpipe, we maintain the U.S. Military Bagpiper Network Google Group. 

Access to the Google Group is intended primarily for active duty, reserve, retired, and former U.S. military bagpipers and drummers, although civilians, and non-pipers/drummers who can contribute to the goals of the group are also welcome.  For admission to this Google group, please contact LT Haan.  Inclusion of the following information is helpful:

  1. What branch of the military are you affiliated with?
  2. What is your military status (active, reserve, retired, former)?
  3. What is your level of bagpipe or Scottish drum proficiency?
  4. Do you have prior experience bagpiping or drumming at military events?
  5. Do you live near a military base, military reserve center, national cemetery, or other military affiliated facility, and are you able to make yourself available for military events at those locations and elsewhere that request a bagpiper?

This information will help us keep track of what resources are available to us.

For bagpipers looking to land military gigs, please note that military bagpiping events are not paid events like they are in the civilian world.  Generally, you and your spouse will be offered meals at dining events, you might be given a challenge coin at other events, and pictures taken of you during events are sometimes emailed to you.  Your efforts, however, will always be appreciated.

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