3. update 2013

The first delivery of food and stationery to the two creches in 
Sovane and KwaDla-Kuse was done on 21st January 2013. 

Once again, thanks to the Baletha Foundation, we were able to purchase mielie meal, soya, soup, samp, rice, sugar, milk powder to feed the kids for the first term. 

We stocked them up with paper, paints, glue, crayons and educational aids from T.R.E.E in Durban.

The Sozane Creche in Sovane is really doing well with 20 kids registered and in attendance. 

The creche at KwaDla-Kuse is limping along. The teacher wants to move and get a ‘better job’. I don’t blame him. Bheki is literate and deserves to be rewarded for his intelligence. Most of the community do not pay for their kids to be at school, which is a meagre R25 per month, pleading poverty. It is a frustrating scenario as the government issues a monthly grant to parents and this is a mere 10% of that grant. 

We have observed that kids that come from the creche into the primary school out-perform the other kids. The fact that they are guaranteed one decent meal a day should also be a huge encouragement - but sadly, somehow, it's not!!

By the end of January, they had registered 16 kids at the creche. This is a positive sign.