The New MLA (2009)

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MLA Bibliographic Style--A Brief Guide

Important: The new 7th edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers was published in Spring 2009 and this page reflects many of those changes.


Diana Hacker offers a brief explanation of the changes in the new edition, as does this brief PDF document.  MLA.changes.general.pdf.

Very important: MLA no longer requires a URL for Web citations.  However, you may want to record this for your own records so you can easily access it.

This guide presents example citations for the more common documentation issues at our school. For detailed information on the full range of source types, ask to see a copy of the new book, behind the circulation desk or check out:
  • EasyBib offers a simple PDF chartto guide your documentation. Remember we recommend you include URLs in Web citations
  • Hacker and Fister's PDF booklet:  Hacker_MLA2009Update.pdf Information on preparing your Works Cited begins on page 12.
A number of alternate citation generators may also help:

Please visit the Purdue OWL for information on APA, if your teacher prefers APA documentation style.

For more information:
o APA & MLA Quick Reference Overview Guide (PDF)
o APA & MLA Quick Reference Examples Guide (PDF)
o MLA Parenthetical Citation Guide (PDF)
o APA Parenthetical Citation Guide (PDF)

General Tips
Your "Works Cited" section should appear at the end of your paper and works should be arranged alphabetically by author (or title, if no author appears in the entry.) In this section you should list only works actually cited. (Your teacher may also request a list of Works Consulted for those materials you referred to but did not choose to cite.)

Other tips:
  • If no author is given, start the citation with the title.
  • Abbreviate the names of all months except May, June and July.
  • Indent the second line and all other lines 5 spaces
Note: MLA recommends double spacing citations, but many teachers prefer citations single spaced. Please check to determine your teacher's preferences.
***This page was adapted from the Springfield High School webpage.  They do a great job and are a model for excellence in online librarianship.  
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