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Photos 2021-22

6th grade

7th grade

8th grade

Photos 2019-20 School Year

6th grade

7th grade

8th Grade

Team Building!

Program Overview

Our program emphasizes fitness development, team building, and skill development through a variety of physical activities.

Units Include (depending on grade level)

Project Adventure Initiatives Ultimate Games Badminton Soccer

Softball/Baseball Rock Wall Snowshoeing Spinning

Volleyball Floor Hockey Invasion Activities

Jump Rope Skills Personal Fitness Lacrosse Team Handball

Cooperative Games Team Building

Expectations and Grading

Students will be graded daily on the following:

Ø Preparation: Every student must arrive on time and be prepared with appropriate clothing and footwear for PE. (10%)

Ø Participation: Actively participate in the activities we have planned for each day. (30%)

Ø Behavior/Respect: Have respect for oneself, the facilities, the equipment, the teacher, their classmates and the curriculum. Be good people! (30%)

ØPerformance/Effort: Do their individual best no matter what the unit. Not everyone likes every activity we pursue here in PE, but that is not an excuse for giving anything but their best effort. (30%)

Additionally, there may be few written or skill assessments throughout the year. The amount and nature of the assessments will depend on grade level. These assessments may be in the form of quizzes, skill tests, short writing assignments, etc.

Locker Room

Ø Students are expected to go into the locker room, change and come directly into the gym to complete their instant activity.

Ø Lockers may be used for storing their items during the class period only. Locks will not be necessary, but try to make sure they leave any expensive items in their school locker, or better yet, at home.Ø Students are expected to pick up after themselves after each period and remove all personal belongings from the locker room.

Medical Excuses

Ø Our expectation is that if a student is healthy enough to attend school then they are healthy enough to participate in PE. We do understand that there are extenuating circumstances that will necessitate a student being excused from class. The Physical Education policies and expectations are consistent with those stated in the Student Handbook.

Grading Rubric

Study Guides:


Track and Field Unit:

Event Techniques

Initiative Slide Show- photos of our activities and students

Badminton photo link

Fitness Testing Fall 2014

The following 3 fitness tests are used for students in grades 6-8. Click on the test and you can follow along.

Taking the fitness knowledge test

First 5-12 Minutes: Change, 10 Push-Ups, 10 Sit-Ups, 3 minute run or 1-2 laps on the track (activity while you wait for classmates)

Next 5-10 Minutes: Instruction (i.e. activity for the day, whiteboard discussion, future units)

Next 25-30 Minutes: Activity for that day

Last 5 Minutes: Change

Our Daily Run

Typical PE Class Schedule

Line soccer

Treasure Island (Four Team "Capture the Flag")


Daily Grade Rubric

Description: These are all things that are expected of every Miles River Middle School student in every class. Insuring that you earn the best grade possible in PE should be as simple as putting in the effort that is expected of you everyday throughout the school day.


Always coming to class on time and prepared with a change of PE clothes that are appropriate for the activity.


Always follow instructions and show respect for the teacher, your peers, yourself, the facility and equipment.


Focused on giving your best effort and striving to improve new or previous skills and/or abilities.

Archive Pictures:

The high school's new adventure course