MILES Prayer

MILES Prayer


This prayer was written by Father Gabriel Malik S.J. the founder of the MILES Movement especially to reflect its mission and convictions, and to be said in every meeting or occasion.





Cross and Joy




Lord Jesus, 
You are “The Way, The Truth, and The Life”,

the Savior of all men,

and of each man in particular.


Give me to continuously grow,
as I follow You, in the “Way”, in the Cross,
which is more than a passive attitude,
it  is above all,

a free vanishing of  oneself, and of  oneself’s egocentrism ,
a free getting out of oneself and a free giving  of oneself,
to You, who is the Son of Man, the Christ, God,
to You that I must see and serve
in any neighbor in need,
especially in spiritual need,
even and especially if that  neighbor is an enemy to me.


Give me to continuously grow ,
as I follow You, in the “Truth”, in the living Light of Faith,
which is more than simple absolute confidence in you,
it  is above all a knowledge, the Knowledge,
a free assent of the intelligence and the will
to understand what You reveal to us about  the mystery of God,
and that of  man,
thru, and in Your church where You are present.


Give me to continuously grow,
as I follow You, in the “Life”, in the Joy,
which is more than a fleeing pleasure.
You save me from the ignorance,
and You make me enter into the Knowledge;
You save me from my chains,
and You make me enter into the Liberty;
You save me from my discords,
and You make me enter into the Unity,
as much as with You as with myself and with my neighbor;



You save me from my troubles,
and You make me enter into Peace, Your Peace;
in a word, thru Your mercy, you save me from my misery,
and you make me enter into my own fulfillment,
in the perfect joy, Your Joy,
that joy so profound, so intimate,
that no creature could  take away.



Thus, with Your grace, thru You, with You, and in You,
I will be, always more and more,
a man crucified and therefore resuscitated;
crucified to the world
and for whom the world is crucified,
crucified to  the old man,
and for whom the old man is crucified,
revived, changed into a new man,
living for You who died and resuscitated  for me;
in a word, a true witness for You Christ,
a true militant  for You Christ,
a man who never loses Hope,
and who,
in the burning and illuminating Fire  of the Holy Spirit,
knows and lives always in more Charity
giving himself freely,
to the spiritual service of  all men,
his brothers in You
, the Unique Son and the Unique Savior,
for more and more Glory of
God the Father.


Hence,  You will give me, always more and more,
as Your predecessor, John the Baptist,
to diminish, and allow You to grow in me,

and, in the respect of liberty of conscience,
and of spiritual emulation,
to herald you, thru my behavior and  thru my words;
therefore, You will let me attract to You
other companions,
other true Witnesses of You Christ,
living and freely radiating the Cross in the Joy.





Sacred Heart of Jesus, have pity on us;
Holy Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church, pray for us;
St. Joseph, patron of the Universal Church, pray for us;
Saint John the Baptist, defender of justice before Herod,
 precursor and witness of Christ, pray for us;
St. Thomas More, martyr of liberty of conscience
before Henry the Eighth, pray for us;
Blessed Rupert Mayer, freedom fighter before Hitler, pray for us.


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