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Looking forward to Miles in May 2017

Dates:          The dates are May14th to the 21st. That's a Sunday to Sunday, but don't panic Monday the 22nd is a holiday.
                      This is the same week as last year. We always depend on the weather Gods.

The Meet:   This is a class "B" meet with race to goal task. Flying over the Alberta Prairies and sometimes even
                        into Saskatchewan. It is a Hang Gliding tow competition, but Paragliders
are more then welcome
                        to come and join in the fun. Paragliders will not be scored unless they can organise their own score
                        keeper etc. Pilots are divided into 3 classes, those that are
ready to fly their first 50 mile flight, those
                        looking forward to their first 100 mile flight, and open class.
Then there's the Paragliders, they are in
                        a class of their own.

                        Most pilots camp at Double Dam golf
course, where we have our pilot meetings in the mornings before
                        driving out to the tow roads. The tow roads are a 20 to 25 minute drive from Double Dam.
You will need to bring a GPS with downloadable track log. If you have a unique instrument please contact
                        myself, Larry Shumlich or Doug Keller to check if we have the appropriate cables. If you have a cable
                        that came with your instrument, you should bring it. You will also need a tow bridal and harness. John
                        Janssen is a good source for these items.

The Site:     The meet is based out of the Double Dam golf course. They have camping, hookups, showers, club
                       house with restaurant and bar service. For camping, if you would like hookups and a picnic table you
                       should contact them and book a site. See the side bar for link. Let them know you're a glider pilot
                       and they will take care of you. If you're fine camping without hookups and a picnic table there will be
                       room in the group camping area. Double Dam is located at N52 47.04, W112 36.07 dd mm.dd. There
                       is also lots of Hotels and BnB's in Camrose, about 30 minutes away

  You will need your HPAC membership and foreign pilots will need a temporary membership. Fees are
                            $65 before April 15th and $80 after April 15th. This does not include tow fees, retreval or camping.
                             If you would like to pay early you can email the fee to Larry Shumlich at the "contact us" link or mail a
                            cheque to Larry Shumlich at 82 Edgebrook Way NW Calgary AB, T3A 4L6.

Towing:          As you probably know this is a tow meet. We use a variety of pay out systems. Pilots are
                         encouraged to organize themselves into teams of 4 or 5 pilots and a tow system. Each team is
                         responsible to set up its own launching order; find an operator for their tow system; and pay the
                         owner of the tow system tow fees. If no tow operator is found, a member of the team can run the
                         tow system and will be scored his/her average score for the day. One should try their best to gain
                         some pay out towing experience before coming to the meet.