Friends of the


 at Milepost 2008

                                                                                                                                                        Mullens, West Virginia ~     May 2 - May 4, 2008

The Friends of the Virginian Railway at Milepost 2008 will be another outstanding opportunity to visit the line and learn more about its operation.  Meeting at Twin Falls State Park, Mullens, West Virginia, we will experience the western end of the railroad's New River Division this year.

Guided and self guided tours are offered, spanning from the New York Central and Chesapeake & Ohio connections on the north, to Princeton on the south. Programs Friday and Saturday nights will feature presentations on the Virginian operations in the past and Norfolk Southern operations in the present. These will be made by VGN historians Dr. Gerry Albers, Frank Bongiovanni, Greg Elam and Tom Marshall.

*  Gerry Albers' presentation will be “The Princeton-Deepwater Operations – Elmore West”.  Gerry has done extensive research into the composition and operation of the Virginian’s Princeton-Deepwater District for the construction and operation of his model railroad, the “Deepwater District”. He has taken hundreds of contemporary photos during his many trips to the area and has collected some vintage shots as well. His program will describe VGN, N&W, and NS operations in this area and will include some pictures of his model work.

*   Frank Bongiovanni's program will be a "A Closer Look at Virginian's Lifeblood, Its Coal Cars."   As we all know, the lifeblood of the Virginian was coal.  Over the life of the railroad the Virginian's hoppers and gondolas came in a wide variety.  With a lot of help from the real experts attending, Frank's going to give an overview of the various Virginian coal cars.  Included will be the various rebuilds done over the years, and some modeling thoughts.

*   Greg Elam's program will be  "Where the Tracks Run No More: Virginian's Flatland Railroad."  Pictures from Victoria and the Norfolk Division from 1907 through 2007.

*   Tom Marshall will have two programs. The first will be "Saturday's Itinerary;'Extra 2008 West"   which will also include DB and Deepwater in the overview of Saturday's trip the next day.  He will also cover the VGN trains that ran over the NYC between DB and Dickinson and Charleston.   Tom's second program will be "The Hill, Elmore to Clarks Gap."  The title says it all!

Some of the  popular opportunities that will continue this year include: a picture contest and picture display with the choice of showing your own photographic skills and your collection of archival pictures; a flea market sales area for participants and a few vendors; and an area for the display of Virginian models and artifacts which you may wish to bring. The Silent Auction of Virginian related materials will be offered again due to its success at Milepost 2006 and 2007.

* All meals are on your own at your favorite place. An excellent dining room with stunning views is available for all meals is at the lodge

FRIDAY afternoon:

  • Preregistered attendees will receive directions for a self guided tour to the VGN and C&O railroad attractions around Beckley.                                       *Also directions to the newly renovated and expanded Beckley Exhibition Mine.  $3.5 million has been spent in constructing a new visitors' center, and display opportunities. Pay  at the mine: $20 per person or $14 each for groups of 10 or more.     *Walking tour of historic Mullens, the restored Virginian caboose 307,  Elmore Yard is nearby.
  • Check in at Twin Falls State Park, Mullens, West Virginia. Display area will be open.

FRIDAY evening:

  • Welcome and visual program on Virginian operations and equipment.


  • Guided Tour on a charter bus (limited space - 30 people) starting at the resort and going to the NYC Dickinson Yard, which was shared with the Virginian. Next we will see Deepwater, and more joint VGN - NYC and VGN - C&O locations. The day will take us to mines, coal loaders, company stores, mining communities and much more as we work our way along the VGN back to Mullens. You won't be disappointed!        

        *All pictures on this page depict places we will

         visit on the Saturday tour!

SATURDAY evening:

  • Announcement of Picture Contest Winners
  • Program on the Virginian New River Division Yesterday and Today.

SUNDAY morning:

  • Car Caravan to Princeton with stops and handouts for important locations and a special opening of the Railroad Museum in Princeton.  Pay at the museum, $5 per person.
  • Departure and Farewells

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You may email any inquires to Aubrey Wiley, VgnRy43@aol.com or call before 8:00pm 434-386-2226

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Space in the lodge is limited to only 20 lodge rooms available for the nights of May 2 and 3. First come - first served. Our block will be held only until April 2 and then any remaining rooms will be released to the general public at a higher rate.  (However be advised that a mountain bike excursion will be in the state park the same weekend.)  Mention "VIRGINIAN RAILWAY" when making your reservations or you will be declined! Our rate is $69 per night for a double room. Phone: 1-304-294-4000. If over 60 ask for discount!   www.twinfallsresort.com 

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Eastbound Virginian freight crosses the Slab Fork Trestle in 1954.             - from 1954 Virginian Annual Report


This special run tee shirt will be available for this convention only. Orders must be placed by April 10. Cost: $15 for all sizes through XL; $17 for sizes XXL, XXXL. Pay  and pickup at the convention. DO NOT SEND MONEY WITH REGISTRATION!

To order, email Aubrey Wiley VgnRy43@aol.com

Top: Standing beside milepost 435 with the New York Central connection behind and looking across the Kanawha River to the C&O connection and Sewalls Point, Norfolk 435 miles away.  - Aubrey Wiley Photo 2007.

Above: VGN passenger train #3 exits a tunnel north of Mullens, WV. Original artwork by  Bill "Sarge" Mc Ghee, Mullens, WV. More of  Sarge's work will be on display during the convention.

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Names to be registered:




Home Phone:




 Registrations are needed  by April 17.

Registration is $40 per person and it Includes:

  • Access to display areas
  •  Friday self guided tour around Beckley area -(Beckley Mine is extra)
  • Saturday guided bus tour
  •  Sunday car caravan to Princeton (Museum is extra)
  • All programs Friday and Saturday nights.

#--- Registrations @$40.

$----Donation to the Roanoke Station     Restoration Project.

$_______ Total payment.


___ I plan to bring pictures #_____for the contest or display.

___ I plan to bring #_____VGN Ry. artifacts for display.

#____I will bring items to donate for the silent auction. Please list. __________________________



Print this form and mail it with payment to:

Friends of the Virginian Railway at Milepost 2008   

Skip Salmon

3721 Buckingham Drive Roanoke, Va., 24018-2448

Make your check payable to "Roanoke Chapter NRHS"