Episcopal Church Timeline

Lynchburg, Virginia

(Historical events are listed in chronological sequence.)

by Aubrey Wiley – 2008


Start  -  Closing

Church of England – 

Circa 1765 - 1776      Anglican Church built on Court between 10 and 11th Sts., where 1007 Court Street

                                    stands today. Lynchburg was not chartered as a town until 1786 so the  community was called “Lynch’s Ferry” when this Church of England church was  operating. It was surrounded by cemetery called “God’s Acre.”  The church structure was  wood, 18 by 24 feet, one story and it became “disestablished” from the Diocese of  London  during the Revolutionary War which was 1775-1781. The Diocese of Virginia  was organized in May 1785 and consecrated by the Bishop of London in 1790. After  being closed by the Church of England in 1776, the former church building on Court Street became a school which burned 1802. In 1806 some graves were moved to the new City Cemetery. As more houses were built along Court Street, more graves were moved 1879-1880. 

Episcopal –

1790                            Diocese of Virginia consecrated. In 1804, a visiting Methodist minister called Lynchburg

                                    the ”Seat of Satan’s Kingdom!”

1817, Sept. 11             Bishop Richard Channing Moore visited Lynchburg and spoke at the Methodist Meeting

                                    House located on the sw side of Church Street  between 10th & 12th Sts.  

St. Paul’s –

1822, Sept. 14             Friends of the Protestant Episcopal Church met at Franklin Hotel to organize. 

1822-1826                   Episcopalians met in the Mason’s Hall at northwest corner of 9th and Church Sts. 

1826                            Services held in their new building on 7th Street between Church and Court Sts. 

Building still stands.”

1843                            Rev. William Kinckle comes to St. Paul’s.

1851                            A new St. Paul’s is built on the southwest corner of 7th and Church Sts. Today it stands                           but with the original front 12 feet missing. The bell tower was

                                    in the back left corner, ghost images of the windows show on the 7th Street side.

1895 – present             New St. Paul’s finished and first service at 7th & Clay Sts (625 Clay Street).


Trinity –

1826 – present             Trinity held first service on Coffey Rd., Bedford County.

Grace Memorial –

1859                            Meetings held in private homes to discuss forming a new church on Diamond Hill.

1860                            Construction started. The first name is Grace Church Moore Parrish.

1866                            First service held at the church building on Campbell Courthouse Rd. (Grace St)1902                            New building on the same site, 16th and Grace Sts. (1601 Grace Street).

1926                            Merged with St. Paul’s.

September 1927          Meeting at Fort Hill Club to discuss moving to Fort Hill section.

July 1927                     Property purchased on New Hampshire Avenue from M. N. Moorman, Jr.

1928 – present             First service at New Hampshire Avenue location.


1871- circa 1968         New building on Main St, Madison Hts., between 5th and 6th Sts. (509 Main Street).

                                    It was a Mission of Grace Memorial.

Christ –

1877 – circa 1896        217 Cabell St.  Mission of Grace Memorial. Trustees of Grace bought the land 1877.

                                    Some years prior to being sold to Standard Notion Co,it was a "neighborhood mission.”

Epiphany –

1878 – circa 1910        Marsh and McKinley Sts. (501 McKinley, which became Fort Ave.1927).It was a

                                    mission of Grace Memorial (Beeland says the building was owned by St. Paul’s).

1892                            Diocese of Southern Virginia formed.

Chapel of the

Good Shepherd –

Circa 1905 – circa 1967    1401 Wise St. Organized by Dr. Lloyd of Grace about 1905 to serve

the African American population of the neighborhood.

St. John’s

1912 – present             First service held in new building on Elmwood Ave. near Rivermont Ave.

1919                            Diocese of Southwest Virginia formed.

St. Barnabas –

1959                            First services held at Virginia Episcopal School.

1963 – present             First service held in the new building on Mimosa Ave.

Aubrey Wiley  - December 19, 2008