The only all Virginian Railway Calendar on the market is a limited edition.

The 2009 Virginian Railway Wall Calendar is ready for shipping.  The production run is small so order soon. $9.99 plus mailing. See order instructions below.


This calendar has many features not found on any other calendar. They include in depth, informative text in addition to the pictures with a map each month pinpointing the picture location. In this calendar you will have nineteen outstanding pictures from private collections of Virginian Railway subjects, showing steam, diesel and electric locomotives, equipment, structures and people doing their jobs from over fifty years ago.

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The 2009 Virginian Railway Calendar contains material on the following subjects: Engine 507 at Kilby, Va.; VGN workman services steam engines in the snow at Norfolk; Number Four approaches Abilene; Trainmasters  abound in Elmore Yard; a 700 series engine pushes a westbound freight with an NYC caboose; the Winding Gulf passenger train has classic power; an ex Tidewater Ry. engine at Norfolk Terminal; a pair of H-16-44's leave Victoria with empty Southern Ry. hoppers; electrics wait servicing in Roanoke; plus many more.

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  2009 Calendars are shipped starting in late August. There will not be any reprints!   When they are gone, they are gone!

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Featured pictures and text in 2008 calendar:

  • A 6,000 hp electric EL-2b locomotive hauls a westbound train over a West Virginia trestle.
  • Passenger train # 3 arriving in Page, West Virginia January 31, 1953.
  • Engine 605, class AD at Elmore in a pre 1934 picture.
  • Pictures of VGN coal cars and the mine at East Gulf, West Virginia.
  • Class MB number 460 being sanded at Norfolk, Virginia.
  • A rare view of the engineer's side of triplex 700 with frustrated employees.
  • An AG races past the station at Altavista, Virginia.
  • Number 200 in a very early picture with a consist of all wood passenger cars.
  • A pair of Fairbanks Morse H-16-44 diesels work a siding on the Norfolk Division.
  • Virginian's passenger trains Three and Four meet at Nutbush, Virginia.
  • Artist drawing and builder's photo of the new "streamliner" electric, class EL-2b from 1948.
  • Ex-C&O switcher works the "Silk Mill lead" in Roanoke, Virginia.
  • Roanoke Yard's Scale House was a busy place as shown by the passing of an EL-2b.

          Featured pictures and text in 2007 calendar:

  • Passenger train # 3 arriving in Roanoke, January 1956 in the last month of operation.
  • An engine cab ride on east bound freight with BA 505 from Roanoke.
  • Derailment of EL-3a engine at Kumis, Va.
  • Passenger train #4 over the curved trestle at Covel, WV.
  • Princeton Shops, 2 views (interior and exterior).
  • Early picture of Deepwater # 13, a 4-4-0 with crew
  • Teenager rides caboose with grandfather on a Hill Run out of Elmore, WV.
  • Train number 4 with a 4-4-0 shakes the grates at Victoria station.
  • An east bound coal train passes Shelby, Va. with EL-2b in charge.
  • Victoria station, yard and roundhouse are shown in a circa 1925 picture.
  • Train number 3 leaves Roanoke in high style.
  • Class USA engine 720 is polished, serviced and ready for work at Page, WV.
  • Deepwater RR train crew pose with their caboose at Page.
  • A VGN section gang start their work day at Eggleston, VA.
  • Class AG, engine 902 brings a long coal train into Victoria.

    Featured pictures and text in 2006 calendar:

  • Engine 215 brings train #3 east of Brookneal, VA.
  • Bridge builders on he Winging Gulf Branch at Whitby, WV.
  • A last run of train #3 at Brookneal, VA.
  • A passenger extra pulled by a class TA 4-6-0 at Covel, WV.
  • Walters, Va. well trimmed station, milepost 39.
  • Train #4 pulls away from Brookneal, VA station with flatcar of farm tractors nearby.
  • FM demonstrator engine works with elementary school children watching spell bound.
  • Squareheads (class EL-3a) clatter past the operator's shanty at Merrimac, VA.
  • USB class, 2-8-8-2, engine 722 with train near Deepwater, WV.
  • Phenix, VA trestle is being rebuilt following a terrible wreck in December 1957.
  • Roanoke's JK tower (VGN and N&W crossing) over the decades.

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