Milders Masks was started 6 years ago.  I spent months searching trying to find the right headlight faring for my Streetfighter.  I couldn't find anything so I made my own.  Admittedly my first attempt was nothing special but my skills improved and with each mask that's made I'm still learning to this day.

Milders Masks was set up with one goal in mind, to design and manufacture bespoke masks for Streetfighter motorbikes. 
Since then I have moved on to other parts such as a tank unit, seat unit and mudguard sculpts. At the moment I'm customizing a complete bike.

Milders Masks is constantly growing and I have recently gained a partner, Lisa McDoodles, and we are now pushing the bar higher in what we are designing and making, with new designs coming soon.


If you have a design in mind that you would like to be developed then please get in touch.

Milders Masks enjoys pushing the boundaries of any design.
The masks are made with fiberglass or carbon fibre. 
A few of my popular masks to date are Clown, Sketch, Eddie, Visor.  The newer masks are Chimera Clown and Breather.  There are lots more ideas on the way.  


All enquiries welcome.

Phone: 07980454041

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