What is Utau?

Like Vocaloid, Utau is a Singing/Voice Synthesis Engine. Unlike Vocaloid, it's entirely fan-made. As such, the features are a little bit more limited, and it's slightly more complex in general.

Where Can I download it?

The latest versions can be downloaded through this site.

What are the features?

Basically, Utau can do almost anything Vocaloid can. The major difference is the quality of the voice sampling. Also, Utau users are given the option of creating their own voice bank. It's easy on a technical level, but not so easy when it comes to quality.

A friend of mine who used Utau once told me that when you load a .WAV file into Utau, your voice can seem much flatter than it actually is. When she sent me her voice bank, it was evident that she was correct.

Downloadable Voice Banks?

Aside from the official Utau banks, many users have created and uploaded their own. Quality varies with the user. In particular, the infamous Hackerpoid bank has been hailed as one of the best (release date is unconfirmed).

System Requirements?

At very least, Windows XP Professional with Service pack 2, a Pentium4 2.66GHz processor, and 1GB RAM. I don't think it runs on Mac and Linux, unless you can feed it through a program like Wine. If you use Macne's voicebank it's supposed to work in Garageband.

For this software, you may have to set your system locale to Japanese. If you're unsure of how to do this, are using a shared computer, or don't have an XP installation disc handy, you can try to use applocale. This program should also allow you to create a shortcut that runs the program with applocale automatically.

Is there an English version?

No, but you can download a patch. To install this, unzip the folder and copy the files to the 'res' folder in your Utau directory. If there isn't one, make one, and the next time you load the program the file menu will be shown in English.

How do I get it to work?

For now, there's a small tutorial here, and a FAQ here. I'll add more details as I find them. As for the people who suffer a lack of sound regardless if they have their computer set to Japanese locale and have made certain that their audio is working (it's a stupid suggestion but I have to add it to be sure).


You need permission. There is a form on the site that can be filled out. It appears as if Windows 100% Magazine has also put in a few requests. Whether that means you can get the program with the magazine is unconfirmed. In any case, it's easier to just link to the site.

How do I use it?

If you're having issues, you can consult this Wiki. Please note I've fed the page through Google Translate. There is a notice that says if you download the .zip and not the .exe, VB6 (Visual Basic 6) Runtime library is required.