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PMD Editor


PMD Editor is a compact, but powerful tool to give MMD users the chance to create and edit their own models for use with MMD. For a long time, the near indecipherable Japanese user interface and strict technical requirements left many English users high and dry!

For most software, it's up to the user to provide the equipment and environment needed to run the program. If you can't do that, it won't run. But the problem lies in not knowing what those requirements are. I created this page (and this site) to help answer those kinds of questions.

This is a potentially powerful tool that we're given to work with, so it's important that we don't abuse it, in light of recent events I've set up an article here, which you should read before downloading and using PMD Editor. Just remember what Peter Parker's uncle said xP

Possible Uses

PMD can be used either to edit an existing model, or create one from a DirectX 3D model. It takes a bit of practice to learn how to make good models, especially humanoids (Depending on your comprehension of how 3D works, and your skill in using the tool set in the program you most often work with). Some people can take months to finish a model, others just seem to breeze through it. It also depends what you're making.

Alternatively, PMD Editor can now export DirectX files. It's possible that you could use it for data conversion outside of MMD related purposes.


Releases are documented on this page. Also see the translated version. From the VPVP Wiki homepage, you can find it by clicking 'How to Use PMD Editor' and then 'Version Information'. Since file and links are constantly being changed around, download methods may change from site to site.