Sound effects are just background noises, but they can really add to your videos and animations, Even if you don't have vocals or music! I have here a list of fairly decent SFX sites, which I've been raiding ever since High school, and still haven't used them all. Yes, I've got links to Anime SFX., including Gundam, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and I'm guessing Naruto.

 Kyutwo.com  An excellent source for Anime Sounds
 Stonewashed.net A directory of sound effects/ music/ loop sites
 They've added more since I went there last, good selection and quality
 A1 Free Sound Effects
 A fair sized selection, good quality
 Simply The Best
 Not a bad selection, a little limited though. Same site also has fonts
 The Recordist Lots of Fantasy & Sci-Fi stuff, 'Add to Cart' is if you order them on CD
 DeusX Sound Design A small collection of Misc sounds
 PacHD A good variety here, lots of human generated stuff
 Amazing Sound Effects A good sized library, varying quality
 SoundJay This one is new, but seems to have some good stuff
 The LoFi Sampler
 May also be good for music production
 Fart Sound Board Self explanatory. Large collection of pure gas, each file is given a unique 'title'
 Free FX Loops Loops & SFX
 Royaltyfreemusic.com Scroll down to find these, free for use w/o credit in non-profit productions
 Mediacollege Another new one. Also see the documentation
 iLoveWAVs Large Selection
 Download Free SFX
 Lots of Anime/Giant Robot sounds, but the voices are in Italian
 Samples 4U Network Audio Loop/Samples, read the disclaimer at the bottom, 
 Sound Effects from the original N64 Super Smash Bros
 Sound Effects from Super Smash Bros Melee
 Sound Effects from Super Smash Bros Brawl
 Stock Music/SFX Project intended for Nico Nico
 AllMusicLibrary Small selection of SFX, but they have a couple of good ones for anime.

NOTE: Some of these are copyrighted, some are royalty-free, some are free for personal use only (no profit), others require credit to be given for use. If that's the case, just add some credits to your video. Other people may also want to know where to get the same sounds. It's easier to point them to the credits/video description on Youtube than to give out the link in a PM each time. Neither I nor this site will accept any liabilities.

If you manage to get your hands on Royalty Free SFX or Music that's under a Creative Commons license, make sure you give the name of the artist/composer, the title of the work being attributed, their website, and the TYPE of CC license. You won't be able to do this legally if the work is under a no-derivatives CC license though, as syncing audio to pictures and/or video counts as a derivative work.

Stock SFX

Many TV Shows, Movies and Animations have been known to use stock Sound Effects in their productions. Usually, you have to buy some of these on tapes or CDs. But you get a collection of about 40-100 Sounds on a single disk. In the case of DVDs, the number of sounds/samples included is even greater.

I've even found these discs at my Library before. In particular, Halloween Sound Effects, Everyday Sound Effects, and 'Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, Mega Movie Mix'. This compilation had a selection of film scores, and some high quality samples in between. Including a well simulated Podrace, Swarm of Bees, Godzilla encounter (lol), and a dramatic re-creation of the impact that pierced the hull of the Titanic.

Famous SFX

Most of these are so common, you've probably heard them before. Such as the Wilhelm Scream. This video contains several instances of the recording being used, see if you can recognize some of them. Personally, I got about part way through (films released in the 90s) and started to throw a fit.

Other notable sounds include the (original) Tarzan Yell, Castle Thunder, Goffy Holler (see Disney Films), Red Tailed Hawk Scream, Falling Bombs (whistling sound), Britannia Rule the Waves, Accordiona Music (anything to do with Paris), Bullet Ricochets, etc.


A Foley Artist is a person hired on during film production to create original sound effects using whatever objects they have on hand, can purchase, or construct. These days software makes it easier, you can record sounds and further enhance them with reverb, flangers, phasers, etc. But if you wanted to do it yourself, you really have to get creative, it can be fun!

It's also possible to take existing sounds, and modify them to create an entirely new sound (which otherwise couldn't be generated). This is called Sound Design, and there's a big demand for it in Web,  Gaming, and other interactive platforms. Next time you fire up your console (or your PC), consider the number of sounds that pop up when you perform various actions.