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Craft-Academy: Mining for Education

Welcome to a new frontier...                           DV Craft Rules and Information
    Students in this class will take part in the Craft-Academy pilot program as we develop various ways to learn, using the popular video game Minecraft as a platform. The vision for Craft-Academy is to create a global network of schools for students to build, learn, interact, and compete in educational and team-building challenges. The content is student-driven, where the students are creating educational lessons, games, projects, and challenges for other students to interact with and learn from. 

    Travis Grady is the co-founder of Craft-Academy, and has been involved with this class from day one. As a 16 year old homeschool student, he has poured a tremendous amount of time and energy into the project as my teaching assistant and as one of the server admins. Travis will continue be involved with the class as we move into our second year.

    Da Vinci has its own secure private Minecraft server, "DV Craft" where students will be interacting, collaborating, and working with their peers. In the one year DV Craft has been in existence, there has been an explosion of creative buildings, sculptures, and vehicles, along with over a dozen different learning areas. 

    One project area currently under way is our scale model of the Giza plateau in Egypt which all the classes are collaborating on. Once finished, students will be able to take a virtual field trip to Egypt, and learn from content videos made by students. 

    DVIA is very fortunate to have been asked to work with a team of grad students from Pepperdine who are the driving force behind Minecraft Challenge League. We, along with a few other schools across the country, get to pilot the Minecraft Challenge League program with Pepperdine, which we are proud to be a part of.

    This past June, Travis and I traveled to Boston to present the Craft-Academy Project at the IED Immersive Education Summit, and will be going to several more conferences this year. We are hoping to partner with other schools who are interested in using the Craft-Academy platform we have created.